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  • lydiapassthedonuts

    Name: Lydia
    Age: 45
    Height: 5’8”

    Start Weight (as of Sept. 16th):240.4
    Goal Weight (for Nov. 18th): 228

    Weigh in Weeks (listed by Wednesdays)

    1. Sept. 20: 236.2
    2. Sept. 27: 233.8
    3. Oct. 4: 234.6
    4. Oct. 11: 234.2
    5. Oct. 18: 237
    7. Oct. 25:233
    8. Nov. 1: 233.4
    9. Nov. 8: 231.2
    10. Nov. 15: 228!!!
    Final Weigh in: Nov. 18: 228.4

    Total weight -/+ this challenge: -12
    Total overall weight lost so far: 31.6

    I was up .4 today. So, I almost finished the challenge at my set goal. So close!

    I'm already geared up for the exercise challenge. Bring it on!
  • BarneyRubbleMD
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    Name: Barney
    Age: 58
    Height: 5' 3"

    Start Weight (as of Sept. 16th): 227.8 lbs
    Goal Weight (for Nov. 18th): 213.4 lbs (aiming for 1.6 lbs/week this time since I need to slow my loss a bit)

    Weigh in Weeks (listed by Wednesdays)

    1. Sept. 20: 226.0 lbs
    2. Sept. 27: 224.6 lbs (woo hoo!...I'm finally BELOW the Morbidly Obese category!!!).
    3. Oct. 4: 222.6 lbs (on vacation Sept 28 - Oct 4, actually weighed in Oct 5th).
    4. Oct. 11: 222.6 lbs (stalled!)
    5. Oct. 18: 219.4 lbs (recovered from stall)
    6. Oct. 25: 218.2 lbs
    7. Nov. 1: 220.4 lbs (gained!...I haven't gained since May 8, 2017--the day after my last binge!)
    8. Nov. 9: 219.2 lbs (binged on 11-4-2017 consuming 7300+ calories that day) but back on track next day.
    9. Nov. 15: 230.2 lbs (binged every day last week).
    Final Weigh in: Nov. 18: 232.2 (binged every day except yesterday--maybe thats's a new start).

    Weight -/+ this week: + 2 lbs
    Total weight -/+ this challenge: + 4.4 lbs
    Total overall weight lost so far: - 84.8 lbs

    I won't be doing any more weight-loss challenges for a while. My next challenge is to get my BED (Binge Eating Disorder) under control again even if I gain weight while figuring it out. I have my notes & meal plans from May & June that I'm re-implementing now after my last big binge which seemed to stop me from bingeing & got my weight loss moving nicely again. I'm also again minimizing my consumption of anything made with flour as those food items tend to lead me into a binge (I also did this from June through Sept but started re-introducing more foods made with flour into my diet in October, which didn't end well by November). I'll also likely get an increase in my Topamax medication (to help curb binge eating) since I've been at a very low dose since May2017 (my follow-up appointment with that Dr is a week after Thanksgiving).
  • jennordhavn
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    I’m on my phone so can’t copy/paste whole thing but my final weigh in for challenge is 299.8. I gained 4.4 this week! Ugh. I think it’s a combo of hormones (peri), eating more carbs and going to gym that led to water retention. I guess that leaves me at 4 lost for this challenge. Not where I wanted to be but not giving up. I am going to try to maintain this week (Thanksgiving) then get back on track.
  • bapcarrier
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    Fall Challenge Report - Final I have good news and bad news! Over the course of the 9 weeks the 17 people that remained in the challenge lost a total of 103.5 pounds!! Good job! That's 53% of the overall goal. The not so good news is that with only 6 of us reporting for the final, Saturday weigh in we had another gain of 5.1 pounds. Maybe the exercise challenge will jump start us again. At one point we had 28 people participating in the challenge although we only ended up with 17. I took out those who had dropped out when compiling the final numbers. We had 4 people who met their goal and I'm really going to say 5 people because one missed it by .4 and she was there on Wednesday at her goal and then diligently reported gaining the 4 tenths of a pound on the Saturday weigh in. I think we can say she met her goal too!!

    Have a safe and happy holiday season and hang in there, anything we gain we can take off again in the new year!!
  • RunawayCurves
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    Name: Barney

    I won't be doing any more weight-loss challenges for a while. My next challenge is to get my BED (Binge Eating Disorder) under control again

    Hi Barney, I have been on this journey with you for years, I come and go a lot. I have been extreme yoyo dieting unintentionaly for decades. I have noticed in myself the tendancy to feel angelic when things are going well according to whatever plan I am following and then I beat myself up when I go off my plan. I am my own worst enemy in that way. My number one problem is not the food it is how mean I am to myself when I go off a plan. When I think I have failed I am unkind to myself and upset myself and then comfort it or anger eat because I am upset and pissed off. The real damage is never going off the plan, the real damage is how mean I am to myself about going off my plan. I make a mistake because i am a human being and making mistakes is a speciality of all human beings. I gain a few pounds and instead of forgiving myself and adding it to my learning file I beat myself up and turn to food and then instead of forgiving myself and adding it to my learning file I beat myself up and turn to food.................................... I am so bored of this pattern. I do not think I am alone.

    I can break that pattern at any point by choosing the forgiveness option. I have gone from morbidly obese and back to healthy size twice and then back to morbidly obese again. I reached a new highest weight in may then I lost 40lb and then i gained it back again and then lost some again. As of now I am 32lb down from my highest weight and you are over 80lb down. I can easily gain 11lb in a week too. Regains do not mean we are failing unless we use them to hurt ourselves with. We can choose to use them to learn from and continue healing. I think from your post that you understand that. We do not need to be in competition with anyone , not even with ourselves. For some people challenges and counts are good motivation but they can also be used as weapons to beat ourselves up with if not careful. I am guilty of doing that o myself. I think you are very wise to focus on what you need to do to help you. I am also diagnosed as having binge eating disorder, had it for as long as I can remember, been obese since childhood. It is not easy but I believe we can get well and stay well if keep forgiving and learning.
  • cellosmiles
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    @bapcarrier sorry i was too late to report my final weighin. I worked late yesterday and went to work early today...i ended with a small gain. Sigh!


    Name: cellosmiles
    Age: 37
    Height: 5'3"

    Start Weight (as of Sept. 16th): 230
    Goal Weight (for Nov. 18th): 223

    Weigh in Weeks (listed by Wednesdays)

    1. Sept. 20: 229
    2. Sept. 27: 226
    3. Oct. 4: 229
    4. Oct. 11: 229.8
    5. Oct. 18: 232.8
    6. Oct. 25: 231.4
    7. Nov. 1: 230.6
    8. Nov. 8: 230.6
    9. Nov. 15: 229.4
    Final Weigh in: Nov. 18: 230.6

    Weight -/+ this week: +1.2
    Total weight -/+ this challenge:+0.6
    Total overall weight lost this year: -19.4
    Total lost from highest recorded: -26.4
  • happygirlxxx
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    Monday Check - In!!

    Happy Monday Everyone!!

    I slept and slept and slept some more this weekend; I think I needed that to compensate for the jet lag and start getting my mind focussed on weight loss. With all that sleeping forgot to post the last weigh-in, so @bapcarrier sorry!! in any case, I don't think my weight changed too much in 1 day (I hope so!! :# )

    Weekend was quiet. My dad traveled to Bergamo, who is a small town close to Milan and will be back today and tomorrow he will be flying back home. It has been nice having him here, however I am not used to having company 24/7 so I am ready for my alone time.

    I was able to exercise a bit yesterday; cycle for 45 minutes which was good considering I haven't done much for like 3 weeks. Not sure if I will be able to workout today, but I hope at least to get some steps in. Was thinking that would like to go to the museum of La Scala, which is the opera house here; I went there a zillion years ago and it was really nice ... so maybe that is a good way to get those steps :) Last week we took a 3 hour walking tour and I had 20K steps!!!!

    I also have decided to go back to basics; to go back how I ate when I started loosing weight ... just counting calories and not be focusing so much if its ultra low carb, high good fats, etc ... I think that is making me lose focus and messing with what I am eating and always going over my calories. If it worked before, hopefully will work this time ;) So, @BarneyRubbleMD I agree with you, going back to basics and what originally worked I think its a good approach have done fantastic so far, so its just about taking a step back to refocus and continue.

    Any challenges this weekend? Well, I don't think its a good thing I discovered this .... there is gelato delivery in Milan!!! The only other place I have seen this is while I was living in Buenos Aires .... and this was chaos for me. My husband would travel a lot and I would be by myself, so what would I have for dinner? Gelato ... would call the delivery and bam! 2lbs of ice cream right at my door >:) So i have promised myself, that I will not order any, unless there are guest and that is desert. Delivery services are my enemies ... where I used to live before McDonalds delivered ... so that was my dinner at least 2 or 3 times a week; terrible!!! I didn't even have to walk to pick it up!!

    Anyway, this post is getting long!!!! But here is a photo I took during the walking tour last week ... Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper ... amazing!!


  • Birdygirl15
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    bapcarrier wrote: »
    Fall Challenge Report - Final Over the course of the 9 weeks the 17 people that remained in the challenge lost a total of 103.5 pounds!! ......The not so good news is that with only 6 of us reporting for the final, Saturday weigh in we had another gain of 5.1 pounds.

    Well, I think that is a brilliant result on the losses, well done us! The small gains, well, meh - they'll soon go too. Lydia should absolutely join the goal-completers, she had that goal on her list. Job done, good for you, Lydia, and the others who made it.

    Shame I couldn't report this week - I've shifted a tiny bit more to 281.75lbs this morning (note the precision :D:D ). This takes me 4ozs over one of my mini-goals, 40lbs 4ozs lost since mid February. Yay!! Next mini-goal, 279lbs for that all important 19st + (for me important).

    @happygirlxxx - just love your cheery posts, with tales of life in Italy. You have lived in so many interesting cities, great life, and you seem to deal with the moving of household, pets etc with a smile. It's many years ago, but my life until my mid-30s saw me live in Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Sierra Leone and Indonesia (Borneo). It certainly broadens one's horizons and I am grateful for the experiences.

  • Nikion901
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    Monday Check-in ... My weight was up a pound this morning from what it was yesterday ... as I understand it, no one really gains a pound over night, our bodies just don't work like a meter-counter ... they are more like a balloon ... they expand to hold what has been put into them and shrink when they finally are able to let some of that go either through excretion or by being burned up and exhaled away. ... And yesterday I put a lot into it late in the evening. However I will not, as @RunawayCurves so rightly stressed ... beat myself up over it. I will, just like @BarneyRubbleMD , @happygirlxxx , and @Birdygirl15 are doing ... get back to basics today.

    @bapcarrier ... thanks for the final results on our weight loss challenge. I agree, 5 of us made out goal, and there were a couple others who were very close. ...

    As for weight loss challenges .. something @RunawayCurves said got me thinking about the possible negativity in that term "Challenge" ... it does imply a competition with others who are in it ... but that is now how our 'challenges' are set up. There is no competition between people ... it is a challenge to ourselves to strive to do better than we did before ... to set a task or situation that tests someone's (our own's) abilities. Wish there was another term we could use for our little self-tasks instead of the negative term 'challenge'. Any ideas, anyone?
  • b_lisieux
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    Good morning everyone. Have read all the posts, just don't have time to reply to each one. Congrats to those who met their "challenge". I see what you are saying Niki about how maybe challenge has a negative connotation, sounding like a competition as a group, not just for the individual. Would "goals" be better maybe? It's the only word I could come up with.

    Just wanted to jump in and say hi. Need to get going. Have a busy day or running all around town...I should say driving. LOL I don't run anywhere. :smile:
    KATRENAJ Posts: 318 Member
    Well here I am back again after a 7 lb absence. I went off plan and struggled to get back on and was not sucessful. As a result I have felt terrible physically and am hobbling around like a 90 year old. "I did hurt my knee in Europe but my whole body hurts now. I am giving up the grains which nearly paralyzye me when I eat them and hopefully I will feel better and get back on plan. I havent signed in because I did not want to see my failure in black and white. It was so encouraging to see Birdy Girlss comments would weeks back showing videos of the Jurassic Coast. Also, BapCarrier, you really showed empathy for those of us who do the yo-yo/sabotage trick.

    I cleaned my closet last evening and somehow that gave me impetus to get back in control of my life. I know that sounds crazy but there is a connection for me in being organized in my home and organized in my eating habits.

    Self discipline is the most challenging thing for me in my personal life ( weight loss, taking my meds, keeping my home tidy) and yet I know I can do it. :I was in charge of a large company and over 40 staff members and it ran efficiently and sucessfully. I accomplished goals, and make profits for the owners and yet my keyboard sits right in front of my desk and I look at it every days and in over two years, I have espended less than 2 hours energy in my goal to learn to play it Oh well, so much for my pity party, its time to do something positive and helpful for myself.

    I help others all the time but it seems I don't help myself.

    Age: 71
    Height: 5' 1/2"

    Start Weight (oct 30): 226.2
    Goal Weight ( ): 200
    Weigh in week of:
    10/30 - - 226.2 lb
    10/31 - 226.2 lbs
    11/01 - 223. lbs -
    11/02 - 221.8 lbs
    11/03 - 221.2
    11/04 - 218.2
    11/08 - 219.2
    11/13 - 219.6
    11/20- 227.
    Final weight: Saturday, -

    Weight -/+ this week:
    Weight -/+ total:

  • Birdygirl15
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    A few suggestions to replace "challenge"

    - Aim
    - Ambition
    - Endeavour (that might be endeavor for you folk over the pond :D )

    I thought of changing a verb into a descriptive noun ( I think - might be a gerund? Any grammar specialists out there?)

    - Strive, as in "My strive this week is to......"

    Personally, I quite like that last one :)

    @KATRENAJ - sorry to hear you are still in pain, hope that eases up soon. I'm with you on not handling home life as I did my working one. I was not in as high powered a job as you, but it had some tough time critical elements, affected a lot of people and processes if I got it wrong. At the time I was also studying for a degree, coping with severe bursitis and the tail end of viral fatigue or similar. Now I'm retired, I wonder where I found the energy and hours to do it all. I hope you find the impetus to learn to use your keyboard. Will be wonderful to make your own music.

    Take care, all, I will have to dip out for a week or two, unless I make that next goal of mine, that is B)
  • cellosmiles
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    @tdunnegan still not sure if i want to join the holiday exercise challenge. I am generally pretty decent in the exercise department and walk my dogs rain or shine...just longer when it shines :D
    And am currently on week 4 of c25k.

    My big problem last month was my eating!

    SOOOOO, i am thinking i need to be in a DAILY accountability group for calories. (Ie. Did i make my calorie goal for the day or did i go over or binge. )

    It is far too long to wait a week to post...because by then i have had too many sabotages. :s

    Therefore, i am pondering my next steps for this month!
  • FaithIt365
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    Hello everyone. I'm new here but would like to join in the Holiday challenge if that's okay.

    Holiday Exercise Challenge

    Name: Faithit365

    Goal: Minimum 30 minutes exercise 3x per week.

    November 22
    November 29
    December 6
    December 13
    December 20
    December 27
    January 3
    January 10
  • Nikion901
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    @cellosmiles ... when I came back onto MFP to record my supper, as usual, I stopped by this thread and saw your post about daily calorie reporting ... and that is a good idea for a 'strive' topic ( or aim, ambition, endeavor, goal) :):) ...
    I happen to be in a year-long weight loss 'challenge' that has just such a thread, and so am very used to logging onto the community pages daily to make my report ... For myself, I have a range of calories as my endeavor each day with an added twist to it ... I put a calendar on the wall and any day my average calories are within my goal I get a gold star! ... It's great to see the yellow marks and I can easily see how many days that week I made goal.

    If you need someone to work with you on daily calorie posting .... you can do it here and, if you need a buddy, I will start posting it here as well so you can have someone besides yourself chiming in.
    Niki's Calorie Goal ... Intake calorie 1000-1650 with an average of 1475 calories +/-50 for a gold star.
    Sunday - 1675
    Monday - 1232
    Average calories 1453.5 = gold star

  • BarneyRubbleMD
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    My late Monday "check in" (I've never done this before)...

    @Nikion901 , @happygirlxxx , @RunawayCurves , ... my "going back to basics" (i.e. following my June meal plan that that got me past my binges & back on track with my weight loss) is going well for the last 3 days (no binges AND I'm once again getting plenty full at the end of each of my meals, even though they are smaller meals on this meal plan since I eat every 3 hours). I've had to ditch anything made with wheat flour except my 2 slices of bread/day for my daily sandwich (I'll never give that up), but the pretzels (a prior binge-trigger for me) & other things like that had to go. I probably can have something like that once in a while, like my once/month pizza meal but not daily, even if they "fit" into my target calories/macros--something just "builds up" when I eat those things and it reaches a "trigger point" making me binge and once that starts, it's difficult to stop and when I binge, I never feel full, so I keep eating & end up eating 7000-9000 calories. Based on my past post-binge experiences, when I make it 3 days without a binge, I'm typically back on track but with Thanksgiving just a few days away, I'm hoping I can hold myself to just overeating and not let it relapse into another binge weekend or binge week so I'm looking to employ some eating strategies (eat vegies & turkey first to fill me up, then get the stuffing--which is my weakness & likely a binge item) to get me through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

    I've also decided to get some food sensitivity testing done at my local dietitian's office in December to see if that might explain why certain foods (anything made with wheat flour) eaten daily in enough quantity (beyond 2 slices of bread) can trigger my binges but the same amount of carbs from other sources (like fruits) never do.
  • newjax2017
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    I am sorry I haven't been posting. November 1 to 10 I ate well and within goal and I felt wonderful. November 11 to 20 I ate terribly ( like 2500 to 3000 calories,) and felt awful. and it wasnt just the calories that made me feel bad, but just the terrible, processed sugary stuff I ate. I need to stop, but I just couldn't. So, here I am again, just trying for one good day at a time, and one gold star :)

    I don't mind what we call it... Daily Goals. Weekly Goals ? I just need to not hide and to be present here because it helps.

    I will get to a computer and post my activity Goals for this month and possibly my daily calorie goals.

    And try to read all your news because I have missed alot.
  • newjax2017
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    @Barney. I'm glad you are worjing this out, Sounds like a good plan for thanksgiving. I could probably eat all the stuffing and nothing else if you let me.. So I guess this year I am thankful we don't have thanksgiving here.

    @Niki you always have good (methodical ) ideas. I'm going to make myself a chart for my wall with daily calorie and step goals.

    @Cellosmiles As you see I'm with you on needing daily accountabity , at least till I get back on track, Stick around and I WILL be more active.

    @Katrena There is definite correlation for me as well in being organized and uncluttered with my diet,

  • newjax2017
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    @jam5660 Yay! Congratulations! This is wonderful news! <3