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  • cellosmiles
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    The Winter Games

    Name: Cellosmiles
    Age: 37
    Height: 5' 3"
    Highest weight: 257

    Start Weight (Jan 1, 2018) 227
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018) 217

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 223.4
    Jan 12: 224.2
    Jan 19:
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2nd:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: +.8
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -2.8
    Total weight lost: -32.8

    Stuck to eating within my calorie goal and exercising...but cant seem to stop retaining water this week. I should have lost 2+lbs. Oh well, our bodies act the way they want too!

    Hope the water weight drops soon. I have 5 days to go or i miss my deadline.
  • birgitkwood
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    The Winter Games!

    Name: Birgit
    Age: 62
    Height: 6'0"
    Highest weight: 305 lbs. (4/4/16)

    Start Weight (Jan 8, 2018): 199.2 lbs.
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018): 190 lbs.

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: missed it, jumped in late
    Jan 12: 191.8
    Jan 19:
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: -7.4 lbs
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -7.4 lbs
    Total weight lost since 4/4/16: 113.2 lbs

  • neonpink
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    The Winter Games

    Name: katy
    Age: 30
    Height: 5'7"
    Highest weight: 282.6

    Start Weight (Jan 3, 2018): 282.6
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018): 266

    Weigh-ins on week of:
    Jan 5: 282.4
    Jan 12: 281.6
    Jan 19:
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: -0.8lbs
    Weight -/+ this challenge: 1
    Total weight lost: 1lbs

    Extremely slow loss which is I must admit making it difficult for me to be motivated.

    I have hit my calories goal everyday which should give me a 2lb weekly loss. I've also achieved at least 10,000 steps a day when I usually only average 3000- 4000 a day. Not sure what's going wrong but I will persevere!
  • b_lisieux
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    Hang in there @neonpink. Slow and steady wins the race. :smile:
  • skinnyjeanzbound
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    @katy-- I'm also frustrated; my weight has been so up and down all week! I weigh in every morning and then log my lowest weight for the week. However, this week my low was on Monday and since then I've bounced up as high as 205.5--half a pound above my start weight for the challenge. I don't usually sweat the fluctuations, but for some reason it's really bothering me. Like you, I will persevere and trust that the increase in exercise and decrease in calories will eventually pay off.

    @birgitkwood --woohoo! great loss in just a few days!

    @cellosmiles -- you can do it!!

    @cyndy-- nice loss!

    @tracy-- the challenge started Monday and teams are full, but you could join the waitlist. Here is the link:

    Friday Fitness:
    Well, I made it to the gym 3 days this week-- Sun/Tues/Thurs--and did a balance video Mon/Wed/Fri. Tomorrow will be a rest day as I have a social outing downtown most of the day.

    As far as food goes, my nutrition hasn't been stellar, but I've been within 100 calories of my goal all but 1 day, and even that day was less than 200 over goal. All days have been well under my previous maintenance allowance of about 1800 net, but the scale is being stubborn.

    Name: Karen
    Age: 48
    Height: 5' 7"
    Highest weight: 247

    Start Weight (Jan 2, 2018) 205
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018) 190

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 203
    Jan 12: 202.4
    Jan 19:
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2nd:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: -.6
    Weight -/+ this challenge: -2.6
    Total weight lost: 44 lbs
  • happygirlxxx
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    Saturday Success!

    I think an important achievement for me this week has been staying within my calorie limit. Even last night that we went to an Argentinian restaurant I behaved and skipped dessert. Actually I was thinking that it wasn’t that bad at all ... I was surprised and pleased with myself ... have I finally broken my addiction to sweets? Nahhh ... :D lol but at least I can control it better!

    I have been trying to do low carb as well and it’s working out fine; try to limit carbs to 50grams net and had a couple days that I was even lower than that so that is a big win for me because before carbs were my life ... and I am not talking about carbs from veggies or fruit .. I am like I will eat a dozen of croissants like there is no tomorrow and then because I need something sweet to compensate a couple of Kouign Amann.... so all fat and carbs!

    Anyway ... I have reached my year anniversary with MFP and that is what I am most proud of ... 365 of being true to myself, of fighting for a better me and even though there were days that were no so good ... I didn’t give up! And about 75lbs lighter to enjoy it!!

    So for those who this week felt a bit disappointed ... don’t be, just keep pushing ... the weight will come off and you will not only feel fantastic outside but inside ... you will be shinning of how proud you are of yourself!

    Have an awesome Saturday everyone!! And remember .... enjoy the ride!!! :smiley:
  • happygirlxxx
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    Ps: for those who joined recently ... English is not my 1st language ... so I create my own words, spelling and grammar :D but I think most of the time people do understand me ;) just in case you are wondering what’s with this chick’s writing
  • b_lisieux
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    @happygirlxxx Congratulations on your one year anniversary with MFP! You deserve to feel proud!!! 75 lbs....that is just fantastic!!!!!!! You are an inspiration!

    Thanks @bapcarrier for keeping track of the challenge. It was a good week for everyone! @skinnyjeanzbound Some weeks are just like that....slow slow slow. We all wish we could lose it all quickly. A loss, is a loss, is a loss. Just keep at it and it will keep going down. You've got this.

    Happy Saturday everyone!
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    I'm back and striving for consistency. Last year was not good, up and downs all year and totally lost control towards end of the year. Spent a week in Arizona with my daughter 1st week of month. It was warm and nice. Flew back and then drove my sister to the Cancer Center of Georgia, where she treats and then to a road trip to Sarasota Fla. Had bronchitis but I wanted my sister to have a getaway. She has been battling kidney cancer for 5 years and she needed a break. It was a success. I am tired and disheartened and not feeling well but I intend to move forward with my exercise and weight loss

    My goals for this week are 1) Pre-plan and pre-prepare my meals 2)Record all my meals and exercise 3)

    Best wishes to all my fellow travelers on this journey and thanks for the support


    HAPPYGIRLXXX - No problem with understanding you You are doing a great job., both with weight and language.

    Name: Katrena
    Age: 72
    Height: 5' ½”
    Highest weight: 235

    Start Weight (Jan 1, 2018) 227.5
    Goal Weight (Friday, Feb 23, 2018) 211

    Weigh-ins on week of
    Jan 5: 227.5
    Jan 12: 230.6
    Jan 19:
    Jan 26:
    Feb 2nd:
    Feb 9:
    Feb 16:
    Feb 23:

    Weight -/+ this week: +3.1 lbs
    Weight -/+ this challenge: +3.1 lbs
    Total weight lost:
  • Nikion901
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    Saturday Success ... gosh, I don't feel like I have anything to gush about this week ... it's been a very bleh kind of one for me except .... oh I know, I can share this ... I have kept to my promise to NOT shop for groceries on a weekly basis. It's been hard to do ... but I'm doing it as a measure of self discipline for me to eat a more varied food plan. Because I tend towards eating up the freshest produce and meats while letting the rest linger on and on. The week starts again tomorrow (but Sunday is not my grocery shopping day) ... and while I will be missing out on a few grocery store specials that end today I am making myself wait shop. This also forces me into becoming more creative in the cooks I make because I end up needing to use more pantry staples to get through the second week. ... I know most people cannot do this because they have a group of people to feed in the household ... but it's just me in mine.

    Welcome back @KATRENAJ ... sorry to read about your sister's health issue and your bout with bronchitis.

    @happygirlxxx ... I understand you just fine also. Your comment about the net carbs you strive for had me looking at mine ... I am not following a Keto, Slow-Carb, or Low-Carb eating plan ... still I do watch my carbs because of being a diabetic (Type 2), and I see that my net carbs run an average of about 135. On 'bad' days ... those that I let the carbs get away from me in any one meal ... end up much higher (about 200 net carbs) and my weight always goes up as a result of it.

    @skinnyj...and@Katy... I weigh myself every day, before eating anything. And I have a weight fluctuation every single day-to-day ... so I look at the average weekly weight (except for our reports, that's an actual daily weight). One thing I have noticed (this is TMI ... but it applies) ... I have a form of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) that runs a course of about 2.5 weeks ... and my weight is always harder to move downward until the cycle resets itself with a Big Whoosh. Noticed anything similar concerning your slow weight loss results even though you are doing everything 'right'?

    Have a great rest of the weekend, and a productive new week everyone. I gotta go cook something!
  • reshieroo
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    I'm Reshie. I just discovered the community forum this morning and this thread. It just looks super awesome! How do I join this and what do I have to do?
  • birgitkwood
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    Welcome, @reshieroo - you have just joined and the only thing you need to do is keep coming back, read, and participate. We're happy you found us!
    KATRENAJ Posts: 318 Member
    Really congested today. Finally went to unload the van from my Florida trip and unfortunately my bag with meds and vitamins is missing. Know I didnt leave it but my sister or niece can't locate it in their homes. I will not be able to get an emergency inhaler because I just refilled that RX. Will have to go to Dr again.

    We are having a record cold spell, but I will need to make a grocery run and get antihistamines, and other otc's to tide me over till I can get to a DR.

    While I'm out, I might as well stop by the clubhouse and do some bike riding and stretches

    Had a large loss overnight which brought me back in range. Set out what :I needed to prepare my meals and I will do that tonight. I find that I am more sucessful if I have my meal prepared and in the freezer or frig, so
    I just have to heat it up. Otherwise I default to whatever is handy, which usually means a run for fast food

    Nikion- Thanks - Also,
    I am the same way about carbs.
    I can only handle so many and then weight gain starts.
    I once joined Weight Watcher and followed the point system to the T with exercise. Two weeks in a row I gained. Finally took my food sheets to instructor and she said, Oh, you are going over 10 points in carbs.
    Nothing had been said about limiting carbs, in fact we were told to eat whatever we wanted within the point range. But the instructors know that some folks cant exceed 10 carb points.
    I think I will adopt a modified food buying plan like yours. Since I took all of my refrigerator stuff to my sisters, I will only buy produce for a few days.
    It's discouraging to buy then toss

    Reishieroo - Welcome on board. All uou do is log daily and post as often as you can Copy the Winter Games challenge and update your information and join us. Its a great group
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    Sunday Share ... Recently I read, somewhere on one of the message boards here in MFP about what happens to the fat you burn when you lose weight, and this mornings Parade newspaper mag had the same information under Ask Marilyn (I love her little articles) ... and it got me to thinking way out there stuff ... :)

    So ... what the scoop is ... matter (in this case fat) cannot be created or destroyed ... that's a scientific given. So what happens to the fat we lose when we lose weight? It changes form by breaking down into 3 components ... energy (heat), carbon dioxide, and water ... most of it is expelled as carbon dioxide when you breath out.

    So I got to thinking ... is that why I am having such a hard time losing weight as I have aged? My furnace (metabolism) has slowed from a raging flame to slow embers?

    Cause, when I was young(er) I was hot all the time! I would go outside into 30 degree F (-1 C) temperatures with just a sweater on, and I'd be miserably hot when the temperature climbed above 65 F (18 C). Also, I peed like a race horse (TDI, :blush: ) And, I was always huffing and puffing strong. Then, about 18 years ago I noticed that I was cold all the time, that my breathing had gotten shallow, and I had to tinkle every time my bladder held 1/4 cup of liquid in it! ... Plus I was definitely not able to 'hold my weight' ... I just got lumpier and looser and rounder even with the weight staying fairly stable ... I was losing muscle because it was converting to fat ... I could feel it in the softness of my flesh where once I felt hardness now it was becoming marshmallowy soft.

    Well ... gosh darn it, if that is the case, then why didn't anybody tell me this before when I read all those diet books and magazine articles to try this diet or that diet ... ?? :#:#>:)

    Seriously ... is that why it is so important to do activities that are 'heavy' ... full body exercises that get you hot and sweaty and breathing hard? Probably isn't quite the answer ... but it probably goes a long way to keeping that furnace burning hot.

    Good Day!
  • happygirlxxx
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    Good Day and Happy Monday!!

    This morning I woke up energized and ready to tackle the week with some workouts and meal planning.

    My MIL left yesterday, so now we can go back to eating more at home and better ... I am telling you, these weeks thats she was here were challenging ... don't get me wrong she is a nice lady, but my god that sometimes she sucks the life out of you ... plus I have never seen someone who eats so badly ... I thought I ate bad when I was at my highest weight ... the only veggie she ate all this time was the tomato of the the marina on her pasta / pizza and the blueberries of the jam in her fruit tarts ... all the rest was carbs and sugar :o the worst part is that she goes to all these doctors and does all the treatments and I am like what for if she eats so badly? But of course not much I could tell her because she would get all upset ... anyway, I did the best I could for her to feel welcomed here, so I guess my part is done!

    @KATRENAJ sorry about your sister; must be so stressful, but it was so nice of you, that even you were not feeling 100%, to take her to have a mini vacay for her to rest. And I know what is to lose your meds ... when we got to Rome I realized I have dropped my thyroid meds and the only way to get them is with a prescription that of course I didn't have :/

    @Nikion901 for most of last year I never looked into the amount of carbs I was consuming because my weight loss was steady, but since I moved to Italy it slowed down, even stalled and I noticed that as I became more comfortable of how I "looked" because I had lost 70lbs I was putting less effort into what I was eating and of course I love carbs so I was tending toward those ... so when I weigh-in Jan 1 and I saw I had gained 9lbs I decided to do a drastic change and that was to drop the carbs to a daily max 50 net grams. Its only been 2 weeks, but I actually feel really good so maybe I can keep this more long term.

    In regards to what happens with the fat ... I only know that as you lose weight the same amount of cells remain, what changes is their size ... and I guess some people might have more than others, don't know how it works exactly. Sorry, cant be of any help on how our bodies change as we age ... but I am in my early 40s and I can definitively notice a change from my 30s ... I attribute it to all the weight that I had, but maybe is just that I am getting old ... at least I found for the 1st time gray hair and I went running to the salon :D But something that I do remember is my mom telling me every time I called her that I should start loosing all the extra weight because once in my 40s it was going to be very difficult because our metabolism starts to slow down ... is this what happens to everyone? no clue! But just in case I started to lose it now ;)

    @reshieroo welcome to the community!

    Everyone have a great start of the week and looking forward reading your posts! :)
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    OH MY GOSH! Did any of you watch the Vikings/Saints game???!!! It was amazing! We landed on the right side of a fun ending. My husband hasn’t spoken to me yet (although to be fair, he stayed up and I went to bed since we work opposite shifts). WOW!!! On to Philadelphia and the Eagles. (I typed that and my stomach started doing flips again and my pulse went higher – never knew I would get some cardio just be watching my football team).

    @happygirlxxx… I would have never known that English was your 2nd language.

    AFM…heading to Star Wars tonight with the family. We are a person short in my team due to a death in the family so my days are packed. Dang chips…I hate that my family wants them around and I seem to have zero self control when it comes to them. I gotta get control of that!

    That’s it. Tough weekend food wise but with the Vikings win, I loved it! On the plus side, I’m doing really good with making meals at home instead of eating out. I guess I’ll take that.
  • Nikion901
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    Monday Check-in ...
    Well, I ended week 2 of 2018 with an average weight loss of 2.3 pounds over week 1's average weight. That still doesn't have me back to where I was when we ended our last weight challenge ... but I am heading in the right direction.

    I took a short walk outdoors today ... all bundled up in my hat/coat/double gloves, and I had my cane with me for stability support on the snow covered pathways. I walked down my street on the sidewalk until I reached a house that didn't shovel the snow on their's, then I turned around and made it back home again. Would you believe this ... I have not been on a walk since 1/4 ... that's 11 days! ... Got to go for another short walk sooner next time ...
  • b_lisieux
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    Way to go @Nikion901 for taking a walk out in the cold and snowy walkways. Pat yourself on the back!

    @NewCaddy Happy your team won! That's always exciting. I am not into football at all nor is my husband so we rarely ever see it. I don't even understand the game! It looks like a bunch of grown men running and jumping on each other. They stop the clock constantly and a game goes on for hours and hours and hours....Drives me nuts. :smile: I am definitely in the minority. Football is huge!

    @happygirlxxx Your English is fantastic! You would never know it's your second language!

    It's bitter cold here. It's been a colder than normal January so far here. Brrrrr. Tomorrow's wind chills (not the real temperature) will be -10 to -15 all day (Farenheit) Still, I'd rather have this cold winter than the steamy hot and humid weather of summer. I hibernate more in summer than winter. You can always put more layers on but there's a limit to how much you can take off. LOL
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    I’m returning to this group after a loooong hiatus. I joined about 7 years ago when I was getting ready for my wedding. Well, after a considerable weight loss (288 to 224) I gained everything back and I’m feeling motivated to change. I am happy to see some familiar names/faces. I just remember this being a really helpful group.

    I’ve been eating a keto meal plan for the last few weeks and I’m down 8 lbs. My short term goal is to lose another 20 lbs and start integrating some grains, beans, and fruits back into my diet.

    It’s good to be back. I’ll see you all tomorrow.