Find Your 'Not That Heavy' Twin!



  • leajas1
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    cad39too wrote: »
    Age 40
    Height 5' 5.5"
    Heaviest weight 145lbs
    Current weight 138lbs
    Goal weight 130lbs
    Bf % 20%

    I think we're pretty close!
    Age 40
    Height 5' 6"
    Heaviest weight 170 lbs
    Current weight 121 lbs
    Goal weight: It was 125, now my goal, for the first time ever, will be to gain weight through bulking
    Bf % 15.1%
  • Booksandoceans
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    Height: 5'8"
    Current weight: 140
    Goal weight: to maintain between 135 and 140
  • BananaBite
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    Age: 19
    Height: 5'0 and a half
    HW: 128 lbs
    CW: About 120 lbs (sometimes 119 lbs)
    GW: 110 lbs (at the moment)
  • BananaBite
    BananaBite Posts: 135 Member
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'0 and a half
    HW: 128 lbs
    SW: 123 lbs
    CW: 120 lbs
    GW: 110 lbs (at the moment)

    Really only want to lose 10 lbs. I feel uncomfortable at my current weight and if I could get to 110 lbs I would be satisfied. Anyone with similar stats add me if you'd like. I am trying to log my food to keep track of calories.
  • BananaBite
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    Bananahat wrote: »
    I'm 28 5'1
    HW 127
    CW 121
    GW 110

    I just started You Are Your Own Gym. Working on keeping track of my calories. I'm Dutch by the way, so my diary is in Dutch.

    We have the exact same stats! I am going to add you. :)
  • skinnier_yulya
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    I am in :)

    Age: 31
    HW: 160 (high school)
    LW: 127
    CW: 142
    GW: 125
  • hrush1889
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    hi! always could use more fitness friends, feel free to add me

    Age: 25
    HW: 145 (last year)
    LW: 120 (college)
    CW: 129.4
    GW: 125
  • amy1810
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    edited August 2016
    I am 2 (tomorrow) and have 3 children
    5'4'' (166cm)
    Heaviest - 242lb (110kg)
    Current - 138lb (63kg)
    Goal Weight 121lb (55kg)
  • kimbo8435
    kimbo8435 Posts: 129 Member

    Heaviest: 155
    Goal: 135

    I can see my top 4 abs on a daily basis. I need to start upping my cardio and stop baking so many f'in cakes. I need to get under 135 for a fight in February. I would love any advice from any of the females!

    I think you may be my twin!
    Age: 39
    height 5'6"
    HW- 196.6 in January 2016
    CW- 149.0

    In the process of adding more martial arts and dumbell training
  • gunnerslove77
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    Highest weight 215
    Current weight 175
    Goal weight 145
  • DebzLoseIt
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    caroannv wrote: »

    Hi - here's me....although I suspect I might be the oldest one here!

    Age: 49 until October
    Height: 5' 5 (165cm)
    HW: 160 (72.5kg)
    CW: 143 (65.2kg)
    GW: 134 (61kg)

    Very very determined and working hard!

    No, I'm probably the oldest - 57
    HW: 159
    CW: 141
    GW: 135 - 138

    I think I'm the oldest

    :) 59 (lifestyle and "for life") 5'5"
    HW: 174
    CW: 122.2
    GW: 115 (I have a small frame, so no, I'm not trying to look like Twiggy it just works great)
  • SarahSloth342634
    SarahSloth342634 Posts: 90 Member
    5ft 3
    HW 126
    CW 111
    GW no idea, quite happy atm
    BF 21%
    workout about 3 times a week, need to tone more
    daily calories 1400? - 1800?, still learning about maintenance.

  • AndreaFitness
    AndreaFitness Posts: 27 Member
    HW 142
    CW 140
    GW 120-125 (or higher depending on muscle/BF%)
    Currently weightlifting 3 days a week (recently started)
    Daily Calories 1200-1300
    Add me! :smile:
  • kjerome101
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    What a good idea!
    Height: 5'2
    Age: 23
    HW: 130?
    CW: 122
    GW: 110

    We are almost twins!!

    Height 5'2
    Age: 25
    HW: 132
    CW: 123
    GW: 115
  • learningtolove
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  • avotarian
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    edited September 2016
    Hey potential twins :smiley:

    5'9, small frame
    27 years old
    CW: 149 (highest ive been in a while)
    HW: 158 (about 4 years ago when I started MFP)
    LW: 128 (summer 2015)
    GW: 130-133

    would really love to befriend active (and interactive!) MFP users. really looking forward to make some new connections on the site!

    good luck to everyone on their journey!
  • thecubanskiier
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    Hey everyone! I just got back on the bandwagon recently and would love more friends! I'm trying to get down to 125 before a tropical vacation this Christmas. Will have to stay strong through the holiday season and will probably need all the help I can get. :P Feel free to add me!

    5' 5.5''
    Age: 24
    HW: 160
    CW: 147
    GW: 125
  • HonestNikki
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    Hello everybody! I'm looking for a twin.
    I'm 18 years old.
  • Charm110
    Charm110 Posts: 73 Member
    I'm 32 years old and from the UK.
    Height is 5'7.
    Current weights is 150
    Goal weight is 136
    Ultimate goal weight is 126.

    My exercise is mostly using a rower. Will also be using an aerobics step when it arrives :-)
  • sbl1881
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    Height: 5'3
    Age: 36

    SW: 178 lbs
    CW: 142 lbs
    GW: 128

    Looking for friends with a similar profile that workout and EAT! I am in the first week of a 2 week diet break and eating at maintenance, but will start cutting again after next week. I plan to eat at 1,750 for the cut, which would be about .5lbs/week loss. I'm done yoyo dieting, so I'm going for slow and steady this time. :smile: