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    Pants sizes vary so much between manufacturers I think they are essentially useless.

    Did you take any "before" measurements or pictures? Use that for a comparison and I bet you will notice a big difference.

    Thanks for your reply. What I haven't been doing is keeping track with my inches lost. This is a good idea. I'm going to start today!!!

    Definitely take measurements!!! I wish I had when I started. It is so rewarding to see that an inch here and an in there totals up to BIG INCHES!! Celebrate every success. Clothes sizes can be deceiving, as can the scale. Get a tape and get to measuring!
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    my starting wt was 242 and wearing pants size 20-22. Now that I have lost 18lbs , I am wearing size 18. I think that is fairly most accurate for me. . Sizing varies , it depends on several factors e.g style, designer, fabric , excellent quality, the stores where you purchase your clothes etc What I hav noticed is that , the cost of the item has a lot to do with sizing However , You have done remarkably well Just continue .
  • DontWeightStartNow
    DontWeightStartNow Posts: 58 Member last note.. when I started lifting weights (fairly heavy), my weight did not change, but I started dropping inches dramatically.. and my whole body seemed to be transforming... so I was finding clothes fit better, but the scale barely moved.

    Here Here!!! I concur...been lifting for 3 months now and scale didn't move for a long time, but inches did.
  • rachelbacker
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    im in a VEry similar situation!

    started at 288 in a size 22
    ive lost 74.
    and im a LITTLE under an 18, absolutely NO 16s fit on me.

    its SO irritating!
  • nicosland
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    I was size 22 and after losing 64 pounds I'm a loose 18 and just fitting into she 16s. I'm 5"9 so maybe height has something to do with it?

    I haven't gone down many sizes and didn't really notice a difference at all until I had lt about 40 pounds. I want to lose another 30 pounds in the short term (in the next year) and when I get down to that weight I will probably be a 14/15 (that's what I'm estimating as the last time I was that weight I was in those sizes.
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    Eh, I wouldn't worry so much about the number on the inside of the pants. You've lost 70 pounds!!! Holy moly, ma'am, that is AMAZING!!!!!

    With that, I will chime in and say that I started out at a size 22 at 276 pounds, and was a size 18 at 210 pounds, then suddenly it seemed like the sizes started dropping off a little faster, as I am now a size 12 at 172 pounds (I have an enormous backside lol) don't despair, it WILL happen!! <3<3
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    Do female sizes go up in a linear way? >.>

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    I can definitely attest that every manufacturer has different sizes: I was in Goodwill a couple of weeks ago, trying to find some jeans. I tried a couple of pairs of 16, those definitely are too big now. So, I started trying size 14. These varied from being as big as the 16s, all the way down to being so small that I couldn't even pull them up (which I am guessing were size 14 juniors.)

    It made things really annoying, I ended up not being able to find anything that fit, at least this trip. I'll just have to try again.
  • Sharyn913
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    I've lost 25-30lbs and only gone down 1 pants size =(
  • lanapoo
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    Could be your frame. When I was skinny, my pant size was 10. It's impossible for me to go any lower than size 10 because of my hips. My hips were sticking out and bony and I couldn't even squeeze into size 8. :flowerforyou: