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  • dawnshot
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    I did 'Killer Buns & Thighs' just to change things around, then 30 mins of arms and upper body workout..........phew
  • shanni30
    shanni30 Posts: 8 Member
    Was pretty sure I was falling apart yesterday (day 4) . I was up between 2:45 and 4 am with my 5 month old and very very grouchy when real morning came (7:30). I dropped the big kid off at daycare, came home, put the little one down for a nap and went for a nap too. When i got up I yogaed out all the pain and then shredded and did more yoga. Also put in 25 mins on the elliptical at the gym then did 10 more mins of yoga.
    Really helped prove a point to me that I can do this, even when I feel like crap!!!
  • DeniseGdz
    DeniseGdz Posts: 592 Member
    L1 D3 completed again...hubby didn't do it yesterday :ohwell:
  • shvrngrl
    shvrngrl Posts: 217 Member
    Day 6 LVL 1 completed last night. I've lost 3lbs since Monday. I'm sure that can't be sustained. Feeling really good, full of energy and not sore anymore. I did a quick run last night too. Feeling quite happy!
  • barbiek999
    barbiek999 Posts: 176 Member
    Way to go everyone!

    Just did day 6 of level 1. Endurance is better but came into it this morning with a bad back so wasn't as full on as I would have liked. Hopefully my back will be better soon!
  • campb2ti
    campb2ti Posts: 104 Member
    Day 3 of level 1 is done! My thighs are letting me know that they are getting a good work out!
  • DeniseGdz
    DeniseGdz Posts: 592 Member

    Nice job!! *high five*
  • kiekie
    kiekie Posts: 289 Member
    I also put it off until the last minute, but I did it - L1 D5.

    I'm really excited to be half-way through level one and finding even the lateral raises a bit more manageable. I think it's time I used heavier weights as I'm only on 3lbers at the moment and can't feel anything during the chest flies. Better stop in at the sports shop tomorrow!
  • eahouston
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    I'm taking an unexpected break from the challenge this weekend. Thursday night during yoga class, I started getting these really sharp pains in my my stomach and had to leave in the middle of class. Went to the hospital Friday morning, and the doctor said it was Infectious Colitis. It's now Saturday afternoon in Korea, and I just took a long, slow walk to get some exercise in, but I'm going to hold off on doing anything with impact and that requires arm weights (since I spent forever getting IVs yesterday) and think resting a couple days will be best. Getting back to it on Monday so I can finish up Level 1 :-D
  • Day 2 Level 2 Done, cardio on this one is hard
  • cchhome
    cchhome Posts: 45 Member
    Just finished day 6 of level 1, a couple of days away from home kind of put a bump in my progress, but I'm back at it today. I am seeing the scale heading the right direction, so the combination of better eating and doing the workouts is obviously working.

    Wow to everybody that is speeding through the days, that's amazing to me!
  • kellymoffat
    kellymoffat Posts: 17 Member
    Just finished L1D3 and 20 minutes of Zumba on the Wii. I was so sore when I woke up this morning, but pushed through the pain and modified if I needed to. Also, changed the push-ups to triangle push-ups cuz my tris need more loving. Doing L1D4 tomorrow with my mom and it'll be her first day. Here's to hoping she loves it!
  • campb2ti
    campb2ti Posts: 104 Member
    day 5 level 1 done this morning. i feel like i have more endurance and my body is slowly adjusting to the work out.
  • barbiek999
    barbiek999 Posts: 176 Member
    Level 1, day 7 done. Yay!
  • DeniseGdz
    DeniseGdz Posts: 592 Member
    Sorry guys I'm a bit behind!!

    Level 1, Day 4 completed Friday (really really late)

    Level 1, Day 5 completed Saturday :happy:

    None completed today- doing homework :embarassed:

    Will do Level 1, Day 6 tomorrow with hubby :wink:
  • Day 7 and i'm losing endurance not gaining it?
  • zoukeira
    zoukeira Posts: 313 Member
    Day 7 and i'm losing endurance not gaining it?

    Have you had a day off yet? If not take a rest day, your body needs to repair itself. If you've had one recently then go onto day 8 - you might be surprised. All sorts of things can make you feel like you've lost endurance - it's often your body's way of telling you it needs a wee rest, but it could be anything from what you've eaten, TOM, the energy you are putting in (you might not realise you are actually working harder) and lots more!

    So don't panic, push throught he wall and make sure you take your rest days (I take one or occasionally two every week)
  • barbiek999
    barbiek999 Posts: 176 Member
    Day 9 of level 1 done!

    Way to stick with it everyone!
  • godblessourhome
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    l1d4 done.