Met my first goal today.



  • Wow you were the same exact weight that I was when I started! I was 320 in December and yeah getting out of the 300's was HUGE! I broke it up into 10 pound mini goals and before I knew it I was under 200 lbs! My original goal weight was 220 lbs but once I got there I decided that since I came this far I might as well go all the way and hit my ideal weight of 170. I am 184 and am on track to hit my goal before the New Year. 150 lbs lost in 1 year. Not too bad! Trust me if I can do it anyone can do it because I am a fast food addict with zero self control. This time next year you are going to feel and look like a new person. You can do it!
  • Gerald_King
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    Awesome first goal well done