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Cleaning smelly pads and gloves!



  • kendrafallonkendrafallon Member Posts: 1,030 Member Member Posts: 1,030 Member
    my hand mits are pushing 10 years now, they have gone pretty 'crunchy' but dont smell _that_ bad.

    I just put them in washing machine every few years.

    :noway: The washing machine? Dare I ask, what wash/cycle you're using?
  • damiannikodemdamiannikodem Member, Premium Posts: 77 Member Member, Premium Posts: 77 Member
    I put my mitts and pad's in with a few gi's (gi's get washed after every use though) and my pad's have been washed once (Ive had this set for about 3 years)

    Its a 1 hour/30 minute wash with the 'eco friendly' powder and it has a extra long rinse cycle. After that everything goes in the dryer (although the mitts and pads seem to need about 3 cycles to actually get dry )

    After that they do feel weird for a while because the padding seems to have moved around but after a few weeks they feel normal again (or I have gotten used to them)
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