Words you Butchered as a kid?



  • dls06
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    Try to get you younger children to say GIFT CERTIFICATE. It is the funniest thing I ever heard. :laugh:
  • fbmandy55
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    I remember in my freshman biology class reading 'organism' as 'orgasm' out loud to the class. I was also the new kid. Total FML moment.
  • chubbygirl253
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    Oh and for a while "truck" was "*kitten*"

    My dad loves telling that story haha.

    yep. my 2 yr old nephew was saying truck like that over the summer but thankfully his speech is improving now. And he knows his grandmas by name which is an improvement considering before it was Grandma Blue Car or Grandma Blue *kitten*. We asked him not to talk about Grandma Janice's blue truck at church anymore. He says so many cute things but mostly I love how he never says airport, its always "airplane port". and always "fireman engine" instead of fire engine. sounds more official? oh and my faves are "mo-shuckle" for motorcycle and a yr ago he couldn't say mickey mouse so he called him "moww-moww." He calls an umbrella a "rain-brella"

    I remember having trouble saying "alluminum" or "specific" when I was younger but if I slowed down I could pretty much say it right. My butchering of a language was probably when I was 5-6 yrs old I had an imaginary friend named Deborah LemonJello. She was French in my mind so I pronounced it in my "French accent" which was mostly me just dragging it out dramatically.
  • krazeestraw
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    I called nectarines, "neckadreenas"....

    Also, my uncle thought it would be funny to teach me and my cousins the wrong words for certain things, such as "poozonkees" for Saskatoon berries and "airplane eggs" for those big balls on power lines.

    I had a strange childhood.
  • mmrp79
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    Well it was not me but my son one year wanted to be the grim reaper for Halloween but he would tell everyone he was the "grand rapper" :blushing: :laugh:
  • avasano
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    Jeremy! I called this kid Germ-y for years....
  • Lize11e
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    Hurricanes were 'hornicanes". Cheese was Seese and "Please" had no 'L' "May I have some seese, pease?" (I was missing teeth in the front) Frogs were (and still are) Fruppers. An umbrella was a bumberchoot. Mom said I used to point at her boobs and say, "Elbow". She also used to try to get me to talk about 'yesterday' because I said it "Yassaday". I can't think of anymore right off hand but I'm sure there were others. Oh, I also called poop 'thing'. I have no idea why. Would tell mom I had to "go do thing". LOL
  • pommesvertes
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    Perhaps a little inappropriate, but when I was tiny my Nan was talking to me about Cliff Richard and I spent the next few days jabbering on about him but replacing the 'ff' with a 't'.... :embarassed:

    Apparently my parents got the giggles terribly when they tried to correct me which only encouraged me, haha.
  • Britt2Fitjrny
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    "Cadoma dome" or "Catoma dome" Meaning: Tacoma Dome :laugh:
  • My mom said when I was little I kept asking her to sing me the "Little Orgy" song. :blushing: Turns out it was the Christmas song that says "Little Lord Jesus" in it haha. Away In A Manger??
  • justal313
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  • Yogurt.

  • _the_feniks_
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    I used to call french fries "waddies". I know... my genius was apparent early.
  • Britt2Fitjrny
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    I still have the hardest time saying anything with the word bag in it.
    Bagel - "bag el"
    bag - "beg"
    Oh, and when I say balloon it sounds like "bal-ooh-in" (three syllabels instead of two)
    I get made fun of all the time for it. :cry:
  • supahstar71
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    Haha. I called it gogurt.

    I used to pronounce wolf as woof. And um...maybe using the past tense is inaccurate since I am still unable to say it. I just avoid discussing those creatures. :blushing:
  • Melroxsox
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    my little sister used to call our uncle jim "apple" jim lol shes 8 years old now and gets all embarrassed about it when we joke with her
  • an Elephant = a funt-funt LOL
  • jacquelyn_erika
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    Well, the only one I can remember was a slush... like a slushie from the ice cream shop.. I called it a flush.

    My brother called Subway "Suvway"...yes, with a V.
  • karawRN
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    Used to say it as Mon-tanya
  • _Elemenopee_
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    Miwk = Milk

    Spssketti = Spaghetti