Words you Butchered as a kid?



  • helicopter


    orange juice

    owanch juice
  • _Elemenopee_
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    orange juice

    owanch juice

    how cute are you!
  • k011185
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    crotch-eting = crocheting
    I had a hard time with the 'ch' in a lot of words learning English, but that one was embarrassing :) Especially since I said it until I was 15.

    Not mine, but cute... my mother's name was Muriel, and when my cousin tried to say it as a toddler, it came out 'moonie'. So from that day on, my mom was 'aunt moonie' to all my cousins :)
  • serena569
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    Everything. Including my own name. It is cruel parents who give their child with the lisp all these s sounds in her name.

    But...after 7 years of speech therapy and lots of forced public speaking, I can pronounce everything except swallow and follow. Comes out swawow and fowow.
  • dukes418
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    Oh and for a while "truck" was "*kitten*"

    My dad loves telling that story haha.

    This one never gets old. Nice!
  • Perfume - Pewfume

    Des Moines - Denyes Moinyes
  • Nerdybreisawesome
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    specific always got it mixed up with pacific. Silly kid brain.
  • beach_please
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    My 5-year old butchers 'hand sanitizer". He calls it "hamitizer"
  • sho3girl
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    inciderate instead of insinuate - all my Dad's fault he use to say it in jest

    My sister used to hear it's a free crunchie (ie chocolate bar) not "country" could be wishful thinking
  • vikkijaye
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    Apple sauce and Apple juice were always Happy sauce and Happy juice - apparently I could say them correctly - just didnt.

    haha that's great!

    I still say sketti for spaghetti, guess i'm just lazy!
  • Swissmiss
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    My friend that lived across the street couldn't pronounce Monongahela as a teenager (a river in Pittsburgh - pronounced ma-non-gah-hey-la)...she would always say Ma-honga-lay-lee.

    :laugh: As an adult...I would still butcher this one. :laugh:
  • jennifer_417
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    Ha, I'm pretty sure that even as a kid I was a grammar nazi....I don't recall butchering any words.:ohwell:
  • danwood2
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    As a kid - I couldn't pronounce my Rs... I actually had to go to speech therapy... so...

    Tree... was Twee
    Dollar... was dollah
    Purse... not even going to spell out how that sounded

    so now imagine... me as a kid... in a store with my mom asking to look in her purse... Yep... :laugh:
  • diadojikohei
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    My son couldn't say 's' or 'sm' in a word he would substitute 'f', so he would ask for 'farties' (smarties) He couldn't pronounce 'v' in a word and would substitute 'b', so one Christmas he asked for a 'dibing and fimming action man' (diving and swimming). We had endless problems with the word 'suck' spoken in public!!

    He would sat 'tut noah' for lawn mower (cut mower) and he was about 12 before he could say 'Millenium Falcon''!

    He speaks beautifully now and works with children with special needs and speech problems!
  • pixtotts
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    my mum as a kid once asked for operated milk instead of evaporated...
    my little sister instead of quiet - carrot, Ian - E-nan that ones stuck!,

    I still have issues with tooth...
    i have teeth, or a tooth... but i use a tuf-brush, and get tuf-ache
    i hadnt even noticed i did it till my ex complained and kept correcting me... and he was from yorkshire! :|
  • iLoveMyPitbull1225
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    lasagna. " la-ba-zan-ya." lol
  • NextChapter60
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    My five-year-old grandson loves music, and we heard him singing "I love rock-n-roll, Put another dime in the juice box baby!" (Ya sing what ya know!) So I took him to a retro diner and we put money in the juke box. Just so he'd know.
  • animatorswearbras
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    I STILL can't say testosterone 80% of the time it comes out tostesterone much to my fiance's amusement *sigh*

    However my fiance's cousin, when she was little, once said " I won't not never eat no mata-taters" translation " I won't eat tomatoes" :P

    I also used to pronounce pilates, Pie-lates and meme meh-may until I was rather embarrassingly corrected *facepalm* (these are all adult butchers by the way... and I sometimes still say Meh-may, to the screaming frustrated replies of "IT'S MEME SARAH")
  • schparks
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    "human bean" instead of being.
  • shammxo
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    "Emmint" Instead of "No I'm not." I'd say, "No I emmint."