• xbowhunter
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    I work with a Mike Hunt... >:)
  • jennifer_417
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    Ha I got the Forrest Gump thing, too. Which wouldn't have bothered me so much, except it went on for like 10 years, and every single person who did it seemed to think they were the 1st person to think of it.
    Also, it was the most common name in the US the year I was born, so I very seldom am part of a group that doesn't include someone of the same name.
  • _incogNEATo_
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    Has anybody said "Chris" yet?
  • yusaku02
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    I knew a Harry Dixon growing up. His parents were super involved with the church so I don't know why they ended up naming him that...

    Also Aiden. That's probably the worst name ever. Or Skyler. I'd rather be a Harry Dixon than an Aiden/Skyler.
  • NYRhockey00
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    Richard Handler....
  • Pathmonkey
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    In high school there was a boy named Doug Hickey. Not so bad, until of course we turned it around and called him Hug Dickey. Poor *kitten*!
  • overw8gosk8
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    I knew a few. Richard Head an attorney no less. (He would give you the death glare if you called him Dick) A kid named Chris Massengill, not a bad name but poor kid one of the cheerleaders found out Massengill is a type of douche. The worst one was Storey Booke. She went by Steph I think her middle name was Phae or something like that.
  • kxbrown27
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    There was a 15 year old kid in Decatur Illinois who was arrested for murder. His name is Shitavious Cook.
  • xXxWhitneyxXx
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    I went to school with a boy named Ben Dover. Poor guy heard hell for that.
  • Quinn_Baker
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    edited April 2016
    Harry Fashina (fa-shine-uh). No joke.
  • trina1049
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    Retired teacher here. My favorite strange name belonged to a student named Yoohonda. Her father named her after his two favorite things -- Yoohoo (a chocolate drink) and Hondas.
  • tcarp8
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    There is or was a Dr Hurt at the Mayo Clinic
  • positivepowers
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    Here are some more:

    Shi*head (shaw-THAYD)
    A**hole (pronounced ah-SHOL-ay)
    *kitten* (cla-TORE-us)
    Gonorrhea (gu-NO-ree-ah)
    Lemon Jello (le-MON-juh-lo)
    No Smoking (NAWS-mo king)
    Orange Jello (or-AN-juh-lo)
    Pajama (PAH-ja-mah)
    Syphilis (suh-PHYL-lis)
    Testicles (TESS-tic-clees)
    Urine (u-RIN-ee)
    Vagina (va-GEE-na)

    I had heard of the first two, and when I looked them up on Snopes.com I found the rest.
  • AmyWebb2
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    I had a student named Chase Beavers. I always got a chuckle out of it.
    My mom had a classmate named Harold Aaron Holle (pronounced "hole") Think about it.
  • x311Tifa
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    Was at the pulmonary clinic today dropping paperwork for a client. Dr.s' name? Dr. Youngblood.

    That and someone save me from my S/o who wants to name a son Leonidas.... Yea the Spartan king....
  • positivepowers
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    I once knew a cardiologist in Las Vegas named Dr. Croke
  • oh_please
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    I knew a couple that named their son Klondike.
    There were identical twin boys in my neighborhood named Charl and Charles.
    I also know a Kashis King and a Sam Mirrai.