Ladies who take birth control pills continuously



  • now this might not be the same, but im on the nuva ring and it def caused me to gained weight just by starting it, then i def gain a few pounds during the off week. i dont do well with BC, when i was on the depo shot and the mirena i gained tons of weight in short periods of time... so annoying!
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    I hope the pill isn't why, because I don't want babies, but I haven't been able to lose anything since I started trying January. :sad:
  • I have been taking BC continously for 8 years now to help with endometriosis. My body went through some changes in the beginning 3 months, had a bit of spotting, but since then, no more periods or spotting and pretty much leveled out to my beginning weight around 6 months once the hormones and body got used to each other. I love it and I love the freedom from dealing with periods and cramps :)

    Im the same, on the BC for that. Ive been on it for just over a year or so now and had a break once or twice pretty close together and I didn't get pain.

    Im wanting to get off the BC because I do think it messing around with my hormones. Don't get me wrong I love not having pain and what not. but im unsure if its caused weight gain or not. I really don't know, if it has its not much.

    Whats this about taking the B-Vitamin complex for the pill?
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    My birth control has had nothing but positive effects on me. I don't gain any weight unless I take in a lot of sodium around my white pills!
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    Natural birth control has made great strides given the in-depth study of the female body in recent decades. A woman is only fertile a few days a month, and if you learn to read the signs, you can track your ovulation and know when in your cycle you are fertile, and when you aren't. Then you can use that information to manage your fertility without any of the side effects of birth control. If you aren't in a relationship, take the time to get to know your body so that you will be better prepared when you are.

    There are several methods of fertility awareness, so you can look for what works for you. A great book on the topic is: Taking Charge Of Your Fertility 10th Anniversary Edition: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health [Paperback] by Toni Weschler
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    I didn't read all the responses.

    I am on a birth control pill called Seasonelle, it's meant for 3 month cycles but I take it continuous and end up having a period about every 5-6 months.

    I haven't noticed any weight changes no, not even hormone changes. I do notice sometimes I will get cramping and my discharge changes (tmi lol) but I am not sure where in the 'cycle' I am because I don't track the symptoms nor care either way.

    I have been doing continuous birth control since like 2000 so my cycles are so wacked now I don't think my body would know what it was doing if it had too :P JK of course!

    You could start tracking yourself (lots of apps for phones) and see, but I've never had a problem with birth control messing with my weight only pregnancy/eating like a porker did lol

    good luck
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    I do continuous bc pills, but I never take a break. My doctor (and I as well) think its pointless to have a period when its not really a "real" one. Plus I needed to straighten out my hormones due to terrible back pain with my periods, irregularity, and possible cysts. I would talk to your doctor about your concerns.

    Edit to say I didn't gain any weight when I started back in April, just a month-ish of some spotting and cramping. I'm on Zovia.