What do your meals look like (show me pictures)....



  • cmsienk
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    Tuesday night dinner:
    Rough chopped salad, small bowl chicken cauliflower rice soup and an Artisan dinner roll
  • LazyBlondeChef
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    Last nights dinner: Cabbage and shredded chicken sautéed in toasted sesame oil with black rice. Rice topped with rice seasoning and ponzu. Chicken/cabbage topped with togoroshi, black sesame seeds and more ponzu. Chicken simmered in water with five spice powder, garlic and seasoning. My partner wondered why there were no onions in the chicken mix. He likes them in everything. Normally I would have added them but I forgot this time.


  • peavy09
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    Egg, mushroom, cheese, spinach/lettuce, over a onion smothered turkey pattie between two toasted brioche buns + dash of scorpion Tabasco


  • 1948CWB
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    acpgee ~ I like the thick coating on your chicken.
  • BarbaraHelen2013
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    I’ve been a bit obsessed with Beetroot recently and here’s todays iteration. Beetroot Dhal, served with Basmati Rice bulked up with Petit Pois, with Extra Fine Beans and a microwaved Red Chilli Poppadum. One of the best Dhals I’ve tried.

  • cmsienk
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    Thursday Brunch: Chaffles and coffee
    Dinner: Broiled salmon and sautéed green beansgd337l0ejnuo.jpg
  • janicemlove
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    Shrimp and grits from work cafeteria
  • Safari_Gal_
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    nooshi713 wrote: »

    The first meal is a vegetarian version of a Persian herb stew from an amazing restaurant in L.A.

    The second is grilled seafood, greens, rice/beans, and zucchini from my garden.

    The third is not a meal, but was delicious: pineapple margaritas.

    @nooshi713 - you had me at Persian herb stew!!
  • LazyBlondeChef
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    Did the air fried croquettes again. Fish balls with salmon, mashed potatoes, egg and seasoning. The other with mashed potatoes, egg, sage and pecorino. I meant to add prosciutto but forgot! All balls rolled in gluten free panko (Ian's Italian Panko). I got much better color this time around so I think I've got the timing down now. Need to work on my size uniformity. I love these. They aren't as good as fried but they have good crunch and are far less caloric so I count it as a win.

  • o0Firekeeper0o
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    Husband got home after a week away last night so I made my lasagna (which has been passed down by several generations of northeast Italian women) and garlic bread to welcome him home.

    While he was gone my toddler and I had a girl’s lunch out and I got a salmon BLT. It was delicious; my only gripe was the shape of the salmon cut which made it very unwieldy to eat!
  • acpgee
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    Salad with watermelon, granny smith and feta to start followed by linguine allla vodka.
  • cmsienk
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    Friday lunch with my sisters at a local restaurant. Caesar salad, no croutons, dressing on the side, added grilled chicken
    Dinner: Spinach lasagne, peas and a cauliflower garlic bread stick

  • BarbaraHelen2013
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    Vegan Sausages (Heck’s Vegan Italia), Celeriac Fries & Salad. Oh and a ketchup - I’ve never been big on ketchup but for some reason was fancying it tonight. 🤷‍♀️