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Does the elliptical hurt anyone else's knees?



  • verptwerpverptwerp Member Posts: 3,702 Member Member Posts: 3,702 Member
    After two years of going to the gym, I've finally figured out 10 minutes is the most I can stay on an elliptical ...... then I switch to recumbant bike and treadmill ...... no problem with those.

    Find what works for you ...... and then have fun doing it :drinker:
  • aseymour13aseymour13 Member Posts: 870 Member Member Posts: 870 Member
    Knees, lower back and my hip. I can do the true step machine easier and I can do the treadmill for ever! I can't run any more because of my hip so my options are limited.
  • SirZeeSirZee Member Posts: 381 Member Posts: 381
    No, I usually just stand on it, but I can see how the rubber foot grips would be hard on the knees.
  • sunnyside1213sunnyside1213 Member Posts: 1,223 Member Member Posts: 1,223 Member
    Yes. I do about 5 minutes to warm up, but any more than that and I am hurting.
  • stanlee73stanlee73 Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    I actually find the treadmill harder on my knees and use the elliptical every few days to recover. I have to say I do agree about the numb feet though!
  • LindseySprakeLindseySprake Member, Premium Posts: 333 Member Member, Premium Posts: 333 Member
    Hmmm no!
    But it does give me numb feet!! My right one in particular, anyone else find that too??

    EDIT: ... I should have read the replies first . DOH!
  • dsjohndrowdsjohndrow Member Posts: 1,828 Member Member Posts: 1,828 Member
    There are different types of knee pain. There is impact pain that is part of running or walking and flex or movement pain that is part of bending the knee in either direction. I have flex pain and riding bikes and the elliptical are more difficult for me (like you). When I run, there is much less flex motion and i can do a 1/2 marathon.

    I would get a doctor to take a look, if after a week of rest, it persists. It is always good to have proper information.
  • Ge0rgianaGe0rgiana Member Posts: 1,649 Member Member Posts: 1,649 Member
    Yes, I refuse to get on one.
  • K_SerzK_Serz Member Posts: 1,310 Member Member Posts: 1,310 Member
    I've heard it's supposed to be better than the treadmill, but I can do an hour on the treadmill (on some pretty serious incline even) with little to no pain in my knees...but 5 minutes on the elliptical and I want to cry!!! I'm not allowed to run (doctor's orders) so I REALLY want to be able to do the elliptical since it seems like you can really get a great burn on it!

    It only bothers my knees when I use it too often. Sometimes it can bother my lower back a bit too. And finally the 3rd spot I feel when I use it for too long is in my one foot. My one foot aches.

    Also like linzidq1 said I get numb feet sometimes too!
  • deniseg31deniseg31 Member Posts: 665 Member Member Posts: 665 Member
    I have terrible knees and the elliptical was the only way I could get cardio in for a while. It never bothered my knees...BUT my feet would hurt a lot. Like they would get hot, stiff and they felt like they were falling asleep. :ohwell:
  • bob1505bob1505 Member Posts: 5 Member Member Posts: 5 Member
    All Ellipticals are not made equal. You need to try different brands and models till you find one that works for you. I have found that I do better with rear drive units, because the biomechanical motion is better for me. Not every machine has the same stride either, and that can make a difference.
  • Yeller_SensationYeller_Sensation Member Posts: 374 Member Member Posts: 374 Member
    After a week, mine hurt badly when I used a Nautilus elliptical trainer at a semi-private gym last year. My left knee is completely busted in that the meniscus got completely destroyed more than a decade ago, so I cannot engage in any impact sports unless I get my knee replaced.

    I now work out at home and my buddy's gym has a Precor elliptical trainer with an adjustable incline. I set the incline high enough and resistance level at mid-range so that only my glutes and quads are worked during my 20-minute 'run'. No knee pain. If I go for a 20-minute leisurely evening stroll with the dog? Yup, knee pain almost immediately.
  • indygal76indygal76 Member Posts: 285 Member Member Posts: 285 Member
    It always bugged my knees. I have a bum left knee and just stick to walking on the treadmill now with little to no pain. If it hurts, then quit doing it. Not worth being in misery! Take it from someone who always has to learn the hard way! :tongue:
  • Rose_beeRose_bee Member Posts: 226 Member Member Posts: 226 Member
    I tried MANY different models of ellipticals before deciding on the one to buy for my home (garage) gym.

    The one I decided on was the narrowest model I could find. The others were too big for me (I'm 5'2" with narrow hips/shoulders), and were uncomfortable on my hips & knees.

    I have bad knees as well, but the elliptical I have doesn't hurt them (so far - I just finished putting it together yesterday).
  • nfc0220nfc0220 Member Posts: 2 Member Posts: 2
    BenRadder wrote: »
    I was having the same issues, knees, hips, numb feet, and then I did some research: Are you leaning forward and bouncing while using the elliptical? I was, because that felt like the fun, natural way to do it. Turns out that's completely wrong. I switched it up and sat back on my heels, moved my legs only and concentrated on keeping my balance with my core, all the pain went away. It's about 20X HARDER, and I can only go about 20 minutes instead of 45, but I have zero pain now. It's very tempting to slowly go back to bouncing and leaning forward, but that's what's killing your knees and numbing your feet.

    Thanks man. I'm gonna apply this tonight. I wake up with knee pain (and sometimes mild hip pain) the day after using the elliptical trainer. The fixed motion and horrid range of motion on ellipticals have gotta be pretty bad for your legs as a whole.
  • justalittlecrazyjustalittlecrazy Member Posts: 88 Member Member Posts: 88 Member
    It all depends on the machine. I can only use a couple of the machines at my gym because the others kill my knees. My knees are pretty much bone on bone and I have had to learn how to use the elliptical/walk up hill, etc. You might try adjusting how you place your weight while on the forward part of the movement. If I don't step down on the front hard, it never hurts my knees. I just sort of glide through that part.
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