post before pics between now and Mar 25th ONLY HERE!!



  • tnpxx94
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    Current weight: 220
    Challenge Goal Weight: 190
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 130

  • carrielofton
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    Starting weight - 202 lbs
    Goal weight for this challenge - 179 lbs
    I am 5' 5" and 37 years old
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  • emilymariev
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    Hello... this is the best full body pic I could find. This was last June. About 208 lbs. I would like to be down to 170 by the end of this challenge. 120 overall...


  • Current Weight: 167lbs
    Challenge Goal: 147lbs (-20lbs)
    Long Term Goal: 130-140lbs

    I'm 5'4".

    I actually just weighed myself today and I (Surprisingly) went down from a few weeks ago.

    164.7lbs is my accurate current weight.
    Challenge Goal is still losing 20lbs.
  • iviyw2.jpg

    Current: 180
    Goal: 135
    Total Challenge Goal: 45 pounds
  • Let's get it started! Thanks for the challenge.


    Goal: 130

    I'm following the directions, but it doesn't work!
  • KrazyAsianNic
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    My Before Pictures. Not ready to put up skin showing ones.

    [img] Loss Journey/201303222693Clothed_zpsb353fb9a.jpg[/img]
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    Hi Everyone,
    My name is Jamie and I live in London. Good luck to everyone, pls feel free to friend me--love supporting others along this journey together :)

    SW: 220--years ago
    CW: 173

    Below are my starting pics for the challenge:
  • hifromjamers1984
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    I will be posting my before pix and updated weight this morning after my personal training session. Yeah the challenge starts today!
  • muffle1969
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    Here goes...

    Started 8/17/2012 at 266.7. I don't have a pic from that date, but here's me 19 pounds down on 10/9/12: bdjw5f.jpg original 100912

    Beginning of this year, I was around 236 on 1/7/13: 213maer.jpg30ausck.jpg

    Today, I'm 226.6: sd39kp.jpgmtwrt.jpg

    Sorry for the blurriness...I'm not good at self-pic-ing. :)

    I'm trying to get down to around 215 for this challenge. Here's hoping! :)

    [EDIT]: yeesh...I'm really bad at posting pics too...if someone can tell me the code for resizing, I'm happy to do it!
  • hifromjamers1984
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    Here are my "Before" pix:



    I posted a weight of 185.5 about a week ago. I weighed in at 183.5 today!

    I only do measurements once a month but here are this month's measurements:

    Chest - 40"
    Waist - 34.5"
    Stomach - 39.5"
    Hips - 44.5"
    Thigh - 22.75"
    Arm - 13.25"
  • sharnut751
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    Ok, if everyone else is brave enough to post pics, then so am I. My starting weight on MFP was 216. I'm now down to 203 and after this challenge, hoping to be down at least another 20 pounds.



  • anghigdon
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    My starting weight WAS 286! Yes, I'm down 101 lbs but still have about 50 to go. This challenge is coming at a perfect time and will help me kick my butt in gear at the gym. Got some serious toning to do too!

    Current Weight - 185
    Goal by Summer 165
  • misspecanrican
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    I just happened to catch this group today so I didn't take any real before and after shots. I'm not trying to "lose" weight. More like firm up. These are only forward facing but they are within this week.


    Good Luck everyone! Looking forward to the challenge
  • bcm5134
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    Starting weight (10/2012) - 217
    Current weight - 190
    Challenge goal weight - 165
    Ultimate goal weight - 135


  • First time posting full body pics online. This should keep me accountable. Good luck everyone! :)

    Start weight: 170
    Goal: 129

  • cedebowers
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    Almost forgot to post on this part!

    Here are my beginning measurements and pictures:

    Current Weight: 162
    Goal Weight (Challenge): 140 (though any at all would be appreciated :laugh: )
    Ultimate Goal Weight: ~130ish? (Going for athletic body fat % rather than scale :smile: )

    Thigh: 24"
    Bicep: 12.5" (13" if I flex! :wink: )
    Hips: 40"
    Neck: 14"
    Waist (Bellybutton): 35.5"
    Bust: 36"
    Underbust: 33"


    First time posting pictures, let's see how well they work! :wink: Let's kick (and lose!) some butt, guys!
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    Current weight 140 GW 130 23ii1qa.jpg