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Not loosing weight due to my period?



  • hannah_ryann
    hannah_ryann Posts: 259 Member
    Last month, my weight didn't move/went up a little for 11 days (week before and during my period.) Same thing is happening this month (weight hasn't moved/went up a little) for the past 6 days. I'm due to start today. If I didn't know better I'd be freaking out but I just keep pushing along, knowing that it's just my TOM.

    Just gotta work through it and realize it's probably nothing you're doing wrong, but don't feel guilty about it and over eat. :)
  • ThinUpGirl
    ThinUpGirl Posts: 397
    Always +5 during this time
  • Shawnzgirl78
    Shawnzgirl78 Posts: 148 Member
    Yep. I retain up to 5 pounds of water my entire time. It will all go back down/off once you're at the end/done.
  • servilia
    servilia Posts: 3,452 Member
    Bloating that's all.
  • StephTheBookworm
    StephTheBookworm Posts: 177 Member
    Yup, the week before and the week of, my weight is usually up due to bloating. Very frustrating, but normal.
  • renatej3000
    I was going to say I went to emergency for breast soreness and they put me on magnesium pills and they are great I don't gain 10 pounds any more but when working out the scale dont move.
  • JosieRawr
    JosieRawr Posts: 788 Member
    I usually gain <5lbs during TOM, but it's just bloat and it goes away after it's done(couple of days after)
  • FindingAmy77
    FindingAmy77 Posts: 1,268 Member
    yep, probably. THis is why I keep a mentstuation diary on a windows 8 app on my computer. I have done this since I started my weight loss journey since it is directly related to it. I just tend to expect a slight gain or a maintain on the pms week and the week of my period. Its usually water weight and will go down after your period is over. Just stick with your plan,stay active and drink lots of water. Take this opportunity this round to keep track of your start and end day and how you feel each day or any symptoms so next month you can expect it and work around it. Sucks to be a woman huh? :flowerforyou:
  • boobeey
    boobeey Posts: 78 Member
    I'm so glad you posted this topic and I took the time to read becasue I'm experiencing the exact samething and I've been working out the hardest and most I've ever done and to not see any weight come off I was getting worried until I saw this so thankyou