Guess who's finally in "Onederland"?.....THIS girl! (Pics)



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    you look amazing. i love that pic of you with your hair tied back with the red bandana, gorgeous!
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    You look awesome! Keep it up!!!
  • How amazing do you look? You were beautiful before - you just look happier with how you are now. And a Pen fan too :)
  • woo hoo! you go girl! you look great! keep up the good work!
  • Shes1CraftyMama
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    Welcome to Onederland! I have been here a few weeks and I must say it is amazing. May you enjoy it so much you stay forever!
    Your weight loss is fantastic and you look amazing!!! Keep it up! You are doing awesome
  • Shes1CraftyMama
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    This was posted right on time...I am 15 lbs from Onderland and am soooo excited...haven't seen 1 anything since I was in high school....Congrats on your accomplishments and thanks for sharing!

    AWESOME! YOu are totally gonna get there. That is so fantastic...since HS?!?!?! Look at you! way to go!
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    Thank you all so much <3 It means a lot to me :)
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    So I started my journey almost 1 year ago (It'll be 1 year in 15 days). When I first joined I had absolutely no clue as to what I was doing and knew absolutely nothing about nutrition and weight loss. I started tracking my food intake the best I could. I slowly incorporated exercise....first, walking then I moved onto Dancing, Tae Bo etc. The stronger I got, the more I wanted to push myself. When I was 255lbs I started Shaun T's Insanity Workout....It was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. But I stuck to it and actually finished it. I lost 14 lbs in total. I went back to Tae Bo, walking and dancing but then I discovered a new love.....Zumba. I became a huge fan of Zumba and absolutely loved doing it. I even managed to get up enough courage and join a Zumba class. I worked my butt off 6 days a week for 30-60 minutes a day with various exercises.

    I honestly could have not gotten this far if it wasn't for all the amazing support that I've been getting here on this site. I am so thankful for each and everyone of my mfp friends who kept me motivated. I have another 19 lbs to go and I'd be more then happy to accept any new friend requests.

    Starting Stats:

    Weight: 263 lbs
    Shirt: 3X/4X
    Jeans: 19/20
    Sweatpants: 2X/3X

    Current Stats:

    Weight: 198.8 lbs
    Shirt: L/XL
    Jeans: 15
    Sweatpants: XL

    Anyways, this is long enough's some pictures :)














    May sounds weird but you are so cute.
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    Congratulations, but we can't be friends because of your team D:
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    You look amazing! What an achievement! :happy:
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    i wanted to say that this thread really encouraged me when i read it back in march...i too have joined onederland back in december 2013! :) thanks for your motivation!
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    WOW! Good for you, you must be so proud of yourself. Keep it up!
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    Wow !!!! Great job !!! Thank you for sharing !
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    Awesome!!! I love ZUMBA too!
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    You look great!!! Well done x
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    Good job. You look awesome. Keep up the good work. It is always so good when you have people around you that support you. I am sure you are very happy. Can't wait till I get into Onederland.
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    Amazing, amazing progress!

    Wrong team :P