Going to start C25K tomorrow, any advice?



  • leonaedithlewis
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    Yeah give up the C25K bull**** & just run. Don't take off so fast but just run till you can't. Next day run further.

    C25K is a waste of time IMO. I never did it and withing a month of taking up running I was doing 10km & still am. Before I ran I would be lucky to walk that distance.

    You're lucky you avoided injury.

    The op weighs 111kg.

    You don't think taking it slow might be a marginally better plan than gung-hoing it?

    I like the c25k program because if just going out and running did the trick, I would already be running. The program is good to get into the habit of running.
  • leonaedithlewis
    leonaedithlewis Posts: 75 Member
    I started the program today, and I couldn't finished the first one. But, I am really out of shape and HATE running. Also, I am new to the exercise and dieting stuff. I'm personally about 50 pounds heavier than I should be, and I'm only 18. I do plan on doing the last 15 minutes tomorrow. I don't feel bad that I didn't finished, I feel good that I even tried and got half way through. My problem was that I tried to run as fast as I could and tired out realllllyyyy fast. My advice, go slow, finish if you can, and don't hate yourself for any mistakes or sessions you can't finished. Good luck on your program! :)

    Right on!
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    I have never in my life been able to run/jog anything more than half a block. For the first time I am hopeful that I will be able to become a runner. One of my goals is to run a 5k obstacle before the end of the year. I'm on my third try with the C25K and I've gotten farther than the first two times. I figured out it is because when I tried before I was going too fast. I slowed down my pace and now I'm killing it. Don't get discouraged if you have to repeat weeks. This time around I spent 3 weeks on W1, 3 weeks on W2, 2 weeks on W3, then I figured out I was going too fast. I'm doing my first week of W4 starting in the morning.

    Don't give up, take your time. You can do it!!!
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    I am going through the program 3 try (failed or rather gave up 2x previously). This time I did week one for about a month until I felt I should move up. I am going on to week 3 next run but this took me a while to work up to. Start by working on your breathing and your running form, feel how your feet fall and how you feel afterwards. Read up on running and how to avoid shin splints, decent shoes are important. Stay hydrated throughout your day. Don't rush yourself to move up or go super fast, just keep moving. The roads aren't going anywhere.
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    I wasn't going to reply, but here I go. I did C25K the year I turned 50. I was 50 lbs over weight and had just stopped smoking after 30+ years. It's a great program and I'm sure you will do fine. I'm not going to repeat saying all the good advise you've gotten but will add one thing- don't be afraid to read and participate on the C25K forums. Everybody on there is going through the same thing you are at the same time. In other words, there is comfort in numbers!j

    You'll do great and will enjoy it for years to come. You're young...what I would give now if I had started 10, 20 or even 30 years ago!

    BTW, my max speed was 3.8-4mph while doing it.
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    c25K is like MFP. It holds you accountable. I did the full program on a treadmill though and was able to complete each day
    of the program, but I could not run the entire time when I tried outside. I am now staring over and doing it outside. Hills and wind make things much harder. C25K keeps me working hard enough, but not so hard I might injure myself.
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    I start tomorrow as well!!!! I signed up for first 5k in August!
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    I would definitely do C25K, I ran my first 5k on Saturday thanks to the program! Make sure you have good running shoes and don't be afraid to go outside - I found there was a big difference between treadmill running and outdoors.
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    Tomorrow I'm going to start C25K! Hopefully, after completing this.. I can achieve a lot more cause the boyfriend and I have set ourselves a goal to do the London Marathon in 2015. He could do it next year if he wanted to, because he's fit and athletic. But I'm 111.8kg.. unhealthy and haven't ran for 5 minutes! So couldn't bloody mange 26 miles even if I tried. We want to do it together and set it for 2015!

    I decided before agreeing to do the Marathon in 2015, that I'm going to take up C25K to get me into jogging. Then after that 5k will turn into 10k and so on. I'm not somebody who lack's determination, so I know I can do this.. But now just going a bigger aim! All this is small steps training to hopefully do the Marathon.

    So, as a new comer to jogging. Any advice would be much appreciated! As I'd like to really show people what I'm made of. A friend said "you must be having a laugh, a blob like you doing the Marathon?". She's just blunt by the way, she doesn't mean to be rude.. so I'm going to prove her wrong! ♥

    Much love!

    Paige ♥

    So glad you posted this chicka. Cant wait. Lets keep each other updated on our progress :)