Today's small achievements



  • poetical333
    poetical333 Posts: 20 Member
    Wow, going off chocolate is a great achievement, well done!

    I've been really naughty over the last few days, just eating whatever I feel like (including chocolate etc). But I have been keeping up the exercise, and although it's not a lot, I'm certainly getting fitter. And somehow I don't seem to have put back on any of the weight I managed to lose, so I'm very pleased with that.

    Today I will try to be good. I have fruit and low-fat houmous in the kitchen to help me.
  • My small achievement of the day was running 3km, furthest I've ever run before!
  • samgolod
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    Today's small achievement is quite a stonker actually - I have had to go cold turkey on chocolate to do the MFP calorie diet, I am not a moderation kind of gal when it comes to chocolate. Today, I had a raving sweet tooth and my husband had kindly left a bag of Thornton misshapes in the cupboard. I admit, I took a small, broken, lonely looking one and popped it in my mouth.

    My achievement was that I spat it out because IT WAS TOO SWEET!! How did that happen? I can't believe that I would cheerfully sit through a whole bag of those without being sick!

    Now that's very cool!
  • milknbeans
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    Afternoon everyone,
    Thought I'd put my two penneth in as wel!!
    Two small achievements I can think of off the top of my head. Had a rubbish day yesterday and was desperate for pizza or any kind of crappy take away, but managed to resist. Had to basically start cooking the chicken from the fridge before I had a chance to cave in and order pizza, lol.
    Today's little achievement (although there is the rest of the day to go) is that I really wanted something sweet. So I searched my kitchen cupboards, twice over, and found ...nothing. No old chocolate bar, no rubbish cereal bar. Nada. But did find low fat jelly crystals, so have made up jelly to snack on later if I fancy something sweet!
  • _Aimée_
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    I had a a FEW crisps from the bag (left over party food from my sons birthday party). I stared at the bag for a long long time thinking 'I could demolish the rest of those'...but I didn't. It felt good to have a little bit of something and not completely binge the rest.
  • poetical333
    poetical333 Posts: 20 Member
    Well done everyone! :-)

    I seem to have magically lost another three pounds this week, although I know I don't deserve it! But I did weigh myself before breakfast instead of after, so maybe my tea and cereal are very heavy.
  • HappyKite
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    Hi everyone.
    Can I join in? Not sure I've got one for today yet, but yesterday's was working a long day (7.30 am - 8.00 pm) and just eating the food I took with me. I ignored the chocolates and cake that were around and I didn't even eat my "emergency" chocolate that I had with me.
    Meant I could have a glass of wine and chocolate when I got home and still be under calories. ????
  • poetical333
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    Ok, I admit it, I'm having to start again, again! I've been very slack the last week or so, but I'm going to give it another try. I think the "no dairy" idea wasn't working well for me, so I'm back on the ordinary milk again. But I'm definitely going to go for high fibre, lots of beans / pulses, much less meat. I'll just have to accept that we will be going out to eat every now and then, I'll do my best to make sensible choices.

    But I'm not giving up!
  • poetical333
    poetical333 Posts: 20 Member
    Came in under target, despite using full fat coconut milk in my veggie korma! (they didn't have any low fat in the shop). And it was delicious, doesn't matter that it had no meat in it. I successfully produced a meat version for the other half and a veggie version for me.
  • miss_holly01
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    My small achievement for today was saying no to an ice cream.
  • cat_g_83
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    I am 0.4lbs away from moving from obese to overweight according to my BMI (which I know doesn't really mean anything, muscles weighs more than fat blah blah blah). Woo hoo!!!