19 Signs You've Been Vegan Too Long


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    I had no Idea crescent rolls were vegan. That just made my day. I guess I haven't been vegan long enough! :)
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    Lol I saw this yesterday. #7 is cute. I've been a vegan for a long time (although never too long, ha) but I'm notoriously slow at analyzing ingredient lists though, and the few times I trusted myself to I ended up buying stuff that wasn't vegan :( so nowadays I take my time. Or use the animal free app!
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    Love it :laugh:
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    I was pretty surprised about the Sara Lee cheery pie :bigsmile:
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    Funny... I did notice the dried cream and gelatin pretty quickly... and I haven't even been vegan that long!
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    The tears comment was hilarious!!!!!
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    people actually eat tofu straight from the fridge as a snack? i'm not vegan and i -love- tofu, but that sounds totally horrid to me, haha.
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    just awesome. great laugh.
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    I thought this was hilarious!

    I am, however, concerned about all of the negative comments at the bottom! Did anyone else read them? It's so ironic that meat eaters talk so much trash about vegans being smug... meanwhile, I'm over here like: I don't care what you eat! Do I think you should be eating it? No. But its a personal choice. Just like being a vegan or vegetarian is a personal choice.
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    ROFLMBO!!! That was awesome. I especially liked #12 (Say protein again!..), 16 (being stranded on a desert island happens to vegans all the time), and 19 (trying not to cry into your drink).

    Very funny! Thanks for that! :)

    Oh, and definitely skip the comments. Always, always a good idea when an article about veganism is on the web. People are just nasty.
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    Brilliant. Thank you.
    (The "tears" one is going to make me smile all week!).:bigsmile:
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    Lol! Too funny :)
  • This is great! Thanks for sharing the link! I L O V E the Desert Island-one! And I might make myself some protein-business cards :)
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    I need no.11 !!!! & why are UK oreos are not vegan!?! : (
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    This was way funny! Thanks so much for posting it!