May 1st challenge!! Here we go!!



  • mznortiz
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    i enjoyed last month's challenge so i'm doing it again. this really helps with my stress reduction.
    let's do this!
  • rachaelheaney
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    Hi, I'm Rachael, I live in a seaside town called Bangor in Northern Ireland. I started off nearly 200lbs in November last year and have gotten down to 157lbs using MFP. I joined the group after Miss Megan was posting about all the challenges, and thought it looked really interesting. My goal weight is 140lbs, but realistically in May I'd like to get to 150lbs. :)

    I've already done 100 crunches today. Woohoo! :D
  • ChasingKatie
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    Hi, my name is Katie, Im 32, live in Chicago. I love a good challenge and an excited to get some of this weight off for summer! Ive been slowly gaining since the holidays, and Im ready to take back control.
  • farmwife3815
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    posting for jenniferitzep of Moltisanti Crew

    my name is Jennifer I had a miscarriage last year and that left me at 210 lbs. the largest I've been without being pregnant. I was depressed and felt huge because I couldn't just tell everybody that I seen I had a miscarriage so I felt just fat I knew I needed help and my luck found the MFP app tracking my food helped me realize I wasn't eating even 500 calories aday I was so depressed a friend invited me to the April challenge . and I lost inches off my waist and hips so I am so excited to join the may challenge to continue seeing results because who knew I could do 100 anything I feel so empowered by the challenges doing things I didn't know I could some thing I never even heard of .thank you for the. challenge believe me it is effecting lives.
    even my 5&7 year old sons do the challenges with me. we do our exercises as a family and all are seeing results.
    I also did the crunches.
  • graced111
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    Hi my name is Donna. My friends call me Grace because I'm a klutz. I'm desperate to get back in shape. Since I turned 45 I have had great difficulty losing weight, in fact packed on 30 lbs. in the last 4 years. Hoping this challenge can hold me accountable and involved.
  • graced111
    graced111 Posts: 69 Member
    Also I did my 50 crunches.
  • meaghan2008
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    Hola everyone ! My name is Meaghan and this is my second time being in this lovely challenge ! I'm 22 years young and graduating on May 18th ! I weight 218 and want to lose 40-60 lbs by the end of summer and I think I can do it ! I love love love to motivate others and I strongly believe that teamwork is the main key ! I am currently doing a 48 days juice fast
  • KatieSChaisemom
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    Hi everyone, My name is Katie, I am 24 going to be 25 this June. I live in Oklahoma with my 19 month old son and my husband. I am originally from south Alabama. I am joining this journey to meet like minded people and for the support group for everyone because I am sure we all need it at one point or another. I have been considered underweight and obese in my life so I am trying to get to a good medium and maintain. I have about 70 something pounds to lose.
  • YourGirl_Tina
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    Hiya! I'm Tina! I am 32 and a mom to a 6 year old lil girl. I joined MFP awhile ago but just became active in feb. My highest known weight was 296... I have no idea if I ever went higher but I am down to 266.8 as of today (first time I have mentioned my weight around this MFP)! I have a 10 Mile race coming up in Oct and want to have to drag less on me for those 10 mile LOL.
  • fmmahan
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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Frank, recently relocated to Charlotte, NC from Derby, NY and decided it was time to get into better shape! I was shocked into this after looking at my scale in disbelief! I'm down to 235 today (05/03) from a high of 272 in October 2012 and I'm just tired of being overweight. My goals are to lose the weight and feel good about my appearance.
  • theparnellslisa
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    Hey Silvio Dante here to report my crews earnings for the day, I have nearly 100% earnings for the family!

    Theparnellslisa (Captain) 2 large
    Tymeshia 2 large
    mocatinho 1 large
    Kimberly3013 2 large
    Kbdartman300 1 large
    Shelli1982 1 large
    mudflatmabel 2 large
    Mindochka 1 large
    Weightwatchercindy 1 large
    leken04 2 large
    tiarew 2 large
    liz2512 1 large
    cyoung0317 2 large
    Ruth4111gut 2 large
    flyinghawk2012 1 large
    dsgoingtodoit 2 large

    This is for May 1st, let me know if I have missed something.
  • hopepea
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    Hi all! So happy to be here =) I am Hope. I am a mommy of 2 lil boys. Patrick is 8 & Ritchie is 4. They are my world. I am currently in school in the field.of psychology. Cheers to our success this month! Plus the 50 crunches =)

  • kendallsauntie
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    Hi all!

    Im Jamie. I'm 29 and I'm from the great state of Wisconsin. My goal is to hopefully be down to my goal weight of between 125 - 135 by my 30th birthday inFebruary. Which puts me at about 50 pounds to lose. My mini goal is to be out of the 180's by May 26th when my cousin graduates. Love going to the gym and I can already see massive results.

    P.s. im behind on the challenge due to illness and internet outage and no group access on the app.