It's not a journey



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    just popping in for the fun of it.
  • Moviegal77
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    I'm on a journey, I'm trying to fix my eating habits to last me the rest of my life. So the "end" of my journey is when I'm no longer here. So journey is to each there own.
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    It may be a journey to some people, or it may not. To send somebody hate mail over it is stupid. Besides, you know archery and thus would be a valuable ally during the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Best to keep oneself on your good side.
  • Iknewyouweretrouble
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    I hate the word journey for the opposite reason. it has NO end if it's the "ride" and "beautiful scenery" that counts. that's a load of junk. I like endings. why start something if you can't finish it. instead of journey say met goals. I'm not a wanderer.....
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    I agree OP.

    Weight loss isn't a journey. It's a process.

    This is a Journey.

    and this is NOT a Journey


    any questions?

    Oops! I was gonna post the same picture when I saw this. :ohwell:
    Hello Arnel Pineda! :flowerforyou:

    Hi Kevin! :flowerforyou:

    Faithfully.. oh oh oh ooooooooh~ :yawn:
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    bynsky, don't be hating on the Asian brother. He's not that bad. lol

    I will admit he can hit the notes, but he's no Steve Perry

    Its because he's Arnel Pineda. :laugh: