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Ladies with big Insanity workout results!! Where yall at?



  • sarahgreenwell33sarahgreenwell33 Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi I'm just about to start week 6 I have lost a total of 21 lb
  • SweetMaryAngelSweetMaryAngel Member Posts: 36 Member Posts: 36
    Hi everyone! I just finished day 2 today and nearly collapsed haha. it was brutal! But I'm definitely in for the long haul. My main goal is to lose at least 8-10pounds.I'm currently 133(lost 6 pounds in the past 2 months) and my goal weight is 120-122 I'm 19 years old with a height of 5'5. But hearing how some people didn't lose weight at all is slightly discouraging but at least if I can still lose inches and a couple pounds that'll be nice.One question, did anyone see any significant difference in their thighs? as in losing some weight and it being more lean. (that's my current problem area, and where I really want to see results the most). Plus for those who lost at least 10pounds did you follow the diet strictly? unfortunately I don't think I can, because I'm only a student with a student's budget and shakeolgoy is already out the window. Right now I'm netting 1300 calories, grossing 1500-1600 avg. trying to eat clean(ish)

    p.s everyone's such an inspiration!
  • carrazocarrazo Member Posts: 17 Member Member Posts: 17 Member
    I just started with the Fit Test yesterday and psyching myself up for the first proper workout today - I'm not as fit as I'd like but I'm motivated to get back to what I used to be! Hoping I can get some inspiration from this awesome page too :)
  • carrazocarrazo Member Posts: 17 Member Member Posts: 17 Member
    I got 1420 for MFP but Insanity has me at nearly 1900cals and i'm struggling to fit them in - healthy food is natually lower in cals so feel like I'm packing in enough for two people :(
  • carrazocarrazo Member Posts: 17 Member Member Posts: 17 Member
    Wish this was facebook so I could 'Like' this post - very motivating and good for you! Brave to get that surgery - I have the same issue but terrified of going under the knife, hopefully shaun T will just help me sweat mines away to nothing :):drinker:
  • barneychavezbarneychavez Member Posts: 30 Member Member Posts: 30 Member
    So... I got LASIK surgery on Thursday and had to put my Insanity program on pause which I'm slightly bummed about but proper healing comes first. I'm trying to decide if I just want to repeat week 3 (the week I only got to do half of) or just start from the beginning again. Thoughts? It's officially been 4 days with no insanity.... and will probably be another day or two before I'm allowed to do "intense" exercise.

    Hey, I have had Lasik done too and have some experience with Insanity. I don't think the problem is with your heart rate, but making sure nothing effs up the surgery and nothing gets in your eye (sweat, showers, etc). I would wait until your doctor gives you the all clear and then repeat the third week. This is a lifestyle change right? So you will only benefit from doing Insanity the right way instead of rushing through. It would really suck if your doctor had to go back and redo your surgery or if your eyeball fell out (JK).
  • carrazocarrazo Member Posts: 17 Member Member Posts: 17 Member
    Hey all - I'm struggling with the diet a little - MFS says I'm not getting enough sodium but aren't we meant to keep that low? Also too high on the sugar because of all the fruit I'm eating - can anyone recommend any healthy, savoury snacks (other than nuts - they're DRIVING me nuts)
  • lebafitlebafit Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member
    You can manage it. I also have to workout early in the morning and make it to work by 7 am. Just make sure you are getting enough sleep and rest so that waking early is not a chore and working out doesn't make you lethargic. You could also plan your time and fit in the 30 mins rest if you need it. Its great that you are up for Insanity:smile: .
  • nushy19nushy19 Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
    Hey ladies. I'm looking to start instanity workout. Need some tips and motivation. How many calories can a person burn ?

    I weight just under 14 stones and looking to drop inches too.

    Look forward to your help.
  • mlizzi88mlizzi88 Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    Welcome to insanity Nushy19! The calorie burn is completely dependent on the person. The most I burn with the first month workouts is in the plyo cardio and it's usually between 400-450. I'm in decent shape and not overweight so depending on your current condition you may burn a lot more or less. I suggest investing in a heart rate monitor. I got mine with my credit card rewards points but there are decent ones available for decent prices. I feel with insanity it's really important to know your exact cal burn so you can eat back those calories effectively.
  • Iwannabslim13Iwannabslim13 Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    Hello there!

    Though i am a member in MFP since 2012, i started using the app only from last week.. That is when i have decided to give Insanity workout a try!!... Now the good thing is that i have started my workout with the fit test today morning...and the 'not so' good thing is that i din't do very well... Many of the numbers were single digits for me...though i had the mental strength to perform better , i cud not perform well because i don't have any physical fitness..

    I M 32yrs, 169 lb and 5'4". i spent most of my life being a couch potato with minimal exercise like yoga or walking very few tines here and there. No wonder my fit test results were pathetic today.
    But i would love to continue with my journey and see how it goes...
    I am a vegetarian and trying hard to get more proteins into my diet and trying to eat healthier and better but i am not exactly following the elite nutrition plan...keeping my calorie count anywhere between 1800-1900 as suggested in the Elite nutrition plan..

    Anybody starting insanity with me... Please add me as a friend to keep ourselves motivated...

  • girlpower786girlpower786 Member Posts: 2 Member Posts: 2
    I am currently on week two of insanity and loving it..
    I am going to go away in two weeks for a week. Do I pick up from where I left off or do I start again??
  • greenmm25greenmm25 Member, Premium Posts: 202 Member Member, Premium Posts: 202 Member
    Ok I am going to need support to keep up with this insanity workout I just started today, it is a struggle for me. But I want to see results so I am giving this my all.
  • rozbrookerrozbrooker Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    On my second week of insanity, and have lost 5lb in weight, 5 inches of my tummy and 3 off my hips, I haven't been following the eating plan as I have been finding that I am not very hungry at all and have been struggling to eat when I do cook. I am finding that my thighs dnt seem 2 b getting any smaller.
  • SMKean90SMKean90 Member Posts: 55 Member Posts: 55
    worked well for first month, then back issues (which i hadnt had for a few years) reared its ugly head. Back was awful! took a 4 month break from all major exercise (and started a new acount on MFP!)
    Hurt more than my current work outs which include weights, and yes, i was doing the exercises correctly, i asked the trainer at the gym!
    Seems to work well for some, sadly not me :(
  • girlpower786girlpower786 Member Posts: 2 Member Posts: 2
    Do you mean second month??
  • ARaeB13ARaeB13 Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
    Hello all. I just started doing the Insanity workout, and I have a question regarding the net amount of food I need to eat..

    My TDEE is 2020, minus my 500 calorie deficit (to lose weight) taking it to 1500. This is what I take in a day, not counting any calories burned... I am confused on if I need to make up those calories burned, or if eating 1500 daily is good enough. I hear so many different opinions on this, and am having trouble. I am eating 135.6 carbs, 126 proteins, and 50.4 fats daily. I do not understand if I need to make up the calories lost how I would ever be able to keep those numbers...

    Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks so much for your help! :smile:
  • Iwannabslim13Iwannabslim13 Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    End of week 2....lost 7.2 lb and 3 inches from waist...
    It is just amazing to see some results in just 2 weeks time.. I hope i will stick on to it....
    Second Fit test tomorrow!!! Cant wait to see my fitness results as well.. Yay....
  • rach2kayrach2kay Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    Going to start insanity next week for the first time. Thank you for all the motivating posts in here. I'm looking to lose about 30 lbs. I'm supposed to consume 2000 calories per day. This seems like so much food! Does anyone have there diary public that I can take a look at with eating 1800-2000 per day? I also have the 21 day fix nutrition program. Has anyone been using this along with insanity?
  • reacher14reacher14 Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    Hi I do insanity class at a gym once a week I plus a lot of weights swimming kettle bells and boxing I should eat 1440 according to. MFP you are welcome to look at my diary but I rarely stick to 1440 every day it varies, but my weight stays the same but body fat is dropping now 18.9% on scales or 12% if you use athletic build.
    If you want to look at my diary your welcome not sure how it is done though Add as friend ?
    I am in the UK so we use metric !
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