May 10 challenge



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    All 18 team members walked/ran at least 2.5 miles per person

    Everyone cooked or purchased healthy food choices and explained to me what they made and their interpretation of its nutrional value

    (I apologize for the vague post as copying and pasting 18 responses to message board time consuming & I had a family emergency last night that kept my brain like mush :( )
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    I had a friend come into town for a couple of days. We cooked flank steak, honey ginger carrots, ranch vinegar cucumbers, and a small baked potato.

    I was only able to do 1/2 mile walk but it is up from a lot less =)
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    I like to keep it simple since I'm the only one who's really trying to eat healthy here in my household. My dinner the last few days has been a BIG salad with a handful of diced ham and a little bit of shredded cheese. Also been eating a TON of fruit lately (bought to much and have been eating it up before it goes bad, that goes for the salad fixing's too.)

    Managed to get in a total of 10 miles walking (most of that was done at work).

    Team leotardo
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