Week 4 Challenge

Getting close to a month into the challenge, this week everyone should do a perfect food log, enter it all in, be honest with yourselves, we need to head strong into month two! Find our eating weaknesses and hone it in!

**Also, something to think about is starting a meal plan for the week. Maybe just for weekly dinners so you will have a fine tuned outlook on your evening eating.


  • Mcctin65
    Mcctin65 Posts: 522 Member
    I really need to do this! I'm not too great on the weekly planning either so I will attempt to be better at it.
  • JoyfulToday
    JoyfulToday Posts: 22 Member
    I've found the food log really helpful! I used it religiously early on and found that I was eating too much and didn't even know it!! And now I have learned the calories in various foods so I can still stay at my goal range on days I don't log them in! It really is SUCH a helpful tool!
  • Liekel
    Liekel Posts: 16 Member
    I like to food log as with my grandmother being diabetic I can keep a track on my sugar intake. I find the myfitnesspal app on my iPod indespencable as I can quickly log my food for the day without too much fuss, it used to really put me off having to stand in the kitchen for what seemed like an hour calculating everything.
  • spaceEF
    spaceEF Posts: 177
    Yeah, I can log my food all day long....it's just.....trying to change my habits. But I try to cut the calories where I can. :P