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Calories - What was your sign

bcmlam1001bcmlam1001 Member Posts: 121 Member Member Posts: 121 Member
*This is besides getting stuck and having to raise your calories to lose weight*

I know we all have a different range of calories/carbs/protien we eat daily. Have you ever realized you needed to up your intake and if you did why? Weekness, fatigue, headache, foggy, shaky, palpitaitions, underweight, etc?

I am wondering if I need to up my calorie intake. I do have low blood sugar problems but sometimes I wonder if it's not needing to eat more. I really get all the above that I mentioned. I do take blood thinner also due to an accident I had and cut the main artery behind my knee, but I am thinkng I still might need to eat more.

I know you cannot really go by weight charts all together but my BMI is 20.1 and 18 or less would be unhealthy but when I look at what I need to weigh for my height and build I am 5-8lbs underweight dependeing on which ones I look at.

I have a friend that is always telling me I am to thin and it's making me weak but I have always chalked it up to medication and my low sugar. Fasting it is nothing for my sugar to be 50 when I wake in the mornings and I get blurry eyed at times.

I would appreciate opinions and it's othing critical that I need to see the doctor about I don't think but like I said would like some opinions.


Edited to add: I am 5'9" and as of right now weigh 140 and I am medium build.


  • acoggacogg Member Posts: 1,904 Member Member Posts: 1,904 Member
    I had a quick peek at your food diary and you are very low on fruits and veggies. Have you tried to drink some orange juice with your coffee? That will help to balance out the low sugar level.
  • Firefox7275Firefox7275 Member Posts: 2,043 Member Member Posts: 2,043 Member
    Is your bodyfat in the healthy range? Do you eat the recommended number of servings from ALL the food groups or an appropriate substitute? By the look of your diary you need to eat more of a whole raft of foods to get more vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants, if that means more overall calories then so be it. Cut the refined/ processed/ sugary/ rubbish down to 10% of daily calories, it's not surprising you get spikes and troughs in blood sugar.
  • sissiluvsissiluv Member Posts: 2,207 Member Member Posts: 2,207 Member
    I hear you on the hypoglycemia, got that diagnosis from the hospital after collapsing at work when I was 17.
    For me it's primarily poor eating habits. I'd rely on simple carbs/sugars too much for my energy, and I likewise would wait too long to eat. These factors would result in some crazy blood sugar levels, needless to say.
    So it's a matter of less refined and more complex carbohydrates, more protein to moderate the release of sugars, eating well and often.

    The suggestion I've heard the most, aside from the above, to control hypoglycemia is eating upwards of six small healthy meals a day, regularly. Don't even have to wait until you're stomach growlingly hungry, just get on a schedual and try to stick to it-it should help. There are lots of snack ideas and resources online, I'd deffo have a go at googling them.

    As for my sign, I think the most tell-tale sign was an experiment I did a few days ago. I tried to push my daily work out, after becoming increasingly annoyed at how long it was taking my stamina to recover post-flu, to around 40 minutes. It comprised of some pretty intense (for me anyways) cardio and calisthenics. However, keenly aware that I had gained a pound I kept my calorie intake at around 1270, choosing not to eat back my calories after.

    I spent the next three days sore, dizzy, headachy, cognizantly impaired and nauseated-all things that'll tell me that my sugars are low.

    Needless to say I'm making an effort to eat back my calories post work out, and keeping a small deficit.
  • yoovieyoovie Member Posts: 17,261 Member Member Posts: 17,261 Member
    before you jump to upping your calories, check and see if you are getting enough protein in the amount of calories you are already eating.

    i like 1 gram per pound of lean mass - my lean body weight is probably about 120-130, so I aim for that and on a good day, fall between 80-100 grams.

    also see if you need an iron supplement - just a couple weeks on one can increase your energy - anemia and nutrient deficiencies dont have to be solved with more calories, you can just start slowly adding in some awesome foods with more nutrients in them.

    trial and error with your own body girl, make it happen
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