First NSV?

tif83 Posts: 85 Member
So... I have been on the site for awhile, but just started getting friends and discovered the "community" stuff last month. Anyway, after finally figuring out what NSV was, I have been waiting to have one! I'm not sure if this qualifies, but.... I can now fit back into a nice suit! One I actually bought and was too small to begin with, so it's never worn- wore the pants today!

I am trying to change master's programs and will have an interfere with the graduate committee (if they approve of my essay- fingers crossed!). as soon as i heard about the interview, i wanted to be able to wear a suit and make a good, professional first impression.

after summoning some courage, i attempted to put on the pants, and- i could button and zip them! then came the jacket... a little tight, but, IT FITS!

won't have my interview for probably a week or two, so i have time to get down a little more and it will fit a bit better. but, if i had to go tomorrow, i'd have something to wear that would still look quite decent. i'm a happy camper! :)