Greetings..... 398lbs? Super Heavy Weight?


I found the site by being recommended it through a bariatric surgery orientation. I really don't want the surgery and well, I have to prove I am good candidate first - not sure I can do that. I don't want the surgery option anyway.

Goal weight of 220lbs. I went from 250 to 220 and down to 207. Felt pretty good at 220, was a gym/squash nut and worked it down - didn't feel great.

Anway. I don't know if I am super heavy weight or not. I am 6'1" and have 178 lbs to lose. Don't know if it matters but I am mormon, I don't have diabetes - how I have no idea. I eat fast food via drive thru during the day and binge at night from 10 - 2am.

When I am not super angry about my appearance I am pretty happy go lucky guy. I don't know where to begin so...... I guess this is the begining.


  • ron2e
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    With the help of MFP and the support you will get from other people taking the same journey, you should be able to reach your goals IF you understand (to use a cliche) this is a lifestyle change. You really have to change the way you think, I struggled and got help from a hypnotherapist and now I'm on my journey and 5 weeks in have lost 17 lbs. I didn't start as heavy as you, but I'm a lot shorter than you, and I also need to halve my starting weight of 296, 150 being my target. I'm already more than 10% closer than I was before MFP and the hynotherapist.

    Good luck, stick with it, and you will be able to get on the ice with your son!
  • Pepanepa
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    I,d start by watching Earthlings on YT, going vegan, buying a rice cooker and eating lots of brown rice:-)
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    This site will help you as long as you really want to do this. I have done it for the past two months or so and have lost 12 pounds. I know that doesn't sound like alot but when I was used to eating out all the time and didn't care what I ate. THen when I got on here and started to look back at some of the stuff I was eating I started to cut it out. Now I watch what I eat and how much. Like I said this site will help you if you are serious about dropping the weight. It isn't easy but just don't give up and you can do this.
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    I started exactly a year ago at 371 and have lost 75lbs so far. You need to be totally on board with it and want it for yourself. Use the surgery as a deterrent. If you have the surgery your life is changed but also limited forever - no big meals out ever, vitamins and prescriptive diet forever. It's worth changing your ways and having occasional treats rather than never being able to eat properly again.

    I see you joined a couple of years ago. Time to get on with it!! Add me if you'd like a friend.
  • LozzieWebb
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    I've found that this is a brilliant site for keeping a check on what your doing. I started on here on 14th January this year and have lost 16 pounds.

    As I was 305 pounds when I started and only 5' 1" - I haven't done any exercise yet as my knees would be shot in an instant! So the weightloss is purely through eating better food. Before MFP I was eating a lot of processed food (McD's for breakfast, lunch and dinner on some days!) - which, I now see, were 'empty calories' i.e. high calories with little or no nutritional value.

    The first week I didn't intend on changing my eating style - I was just going to track the calories I was eating - but by day 3 I was thinking 'that burger isn't worth 'spending' that number of calories on' - I was beginning to know that I could get a lot more food for far less calories.

    Try and 'eat clean' as much as you can - which just means to eat unprocessed foods - meat, fish, fruit, vegetables as often as you can. An occassional McDs, if you can stop at one isn't going to hurt. Neither is the odd bar of chocolate - but stop at one. You'll probably find that after a few weeks you won't want to 'waste' calories on 'rubbish' - which is now how I look at it. I still do still have the odd bit of chocolate - but knowing I can have it, as long as I stay within my calorie limit somehow means I'm not craving it.

    It is a lifestyle change but that makes it so much easier to stick to in my opinion.

    Feel free to add me as a friend if you wish - and I'll try and support you as much as I can.

    Good luck with your lifestyle change - it will be SO worth it when you achieve your goals.
  • butilovetacos
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    I have been on MFP for about four years now and have seen my weight go up down and up down and up down! I have a long way to go and an even harder journey ahead but the best things about this journey for me is that I am doing this for myself. You will not succeed in losing any weight if you do not want to lose it, nor if you have alternative motives. I notice that when I start comparing my weight loss journey to other peoples, especially my friends, get down and I end up make poor decisions. It has taken me a long time to lose the weight I have gained because of my jealousy and my pride but I have learned a lot and would love to share some tips with you. I also have a couple friends who have had the different levels of the surgery options and I have one who signed up but lost enough weight on her own to not need it (she is down 160pounds now). You can do this, but you have to want to do it and that is the hardest part! If we want to lose weight and change ourselves we must make lifestyle changes! Message me if you want to talk more about your journey and know that MFP is here because we are a community trying to be healthier humans!