Favorite Blogs/Websites for Recipes?

I am a 75% vegan, and about 25% other stuff. So, I guess you would call me a flexitarian. However, I have embraced a plant based diet, and the majority of my calories comes from plants. I want some new recipes to keep things fresh. Please keep in mind that I want/need recipes that are accessible and don't contain any hard to come by ingredients. Thanks for you help!


  • This is my go-to: http://kblog.lunchboxbunch.com/

    She has a tooon of great recipes and ideas. :)
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    :smile: Surprsingly enough, allrecipes has some really nice plant based meals, not too exotic with the ingredients, and a nutritional breakdown. I go to the site often!
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    i like www.healthyveganrecipes.net she has a youtube channel and videos most of her recipes
    i also like healthyherbivore.com
    and i learned from some friends on MFP ohsheglows is great :)
    hope that helps
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    I like
    not all veggie but there are lots of good ones on there and you can search by ingredient. Very easy to follow instructions.

    Fairly normal ingredients and all veggie and vegan

    Might be more exotic but some nice stuff.

    I'm making a veggie and vegan website at the moment but have started a blog in the meantime to store some recipes. It is a bit sparse and rubbish at the moment but will get better. I'm also planning to put the nutritional info from my fitness pal on the recipes. Anyway it is http://vegefood.wordpress.com.
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    www.ohsheglows.com - This one really is great! I also like http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/ a lot as well. I've also found some winners on http://www.theglutenfreevegan.com/. Good luck and happy cooking!
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    Love Oh She Glows!

    Also The Vegan Zombie, Cadry's Kitchen and Quiche a Week...
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    Chloes Kitchen is my favorite vegan cookbook ever! The only issue is that I cut back the oil by about 50% to make it a little healthier (it's still delicious though!).
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    I think this is the first time I'll have done this but here goes with the shameful self promotion... I have a blog!

    Mean Miss Mustard - I like what I eat and pretty much everything I make doesn't include weirdo ingredients. (This is me)

    Oh She Glows - brill as well.

    Thug Kitchen - big fan but that's mostly for laughs and ideas not recipes.

    Tinned Tomatoes - the lady who runs it is lovely and comes up with some great food, though occasionally she'll use a strange ingredient.

    Hope that helped.
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    The Mayo Clinic offers many meatless recipes, although not all are vegan:

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    Fat free vegan with Susan Voisin. Use it every day!
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    Fat free vegan
    oh she glows
    kid tested firefighter approved
    vegan yack attack
    chef amber shea
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    101 cookbooks
    Alien's day out