Confession time

I decided that I didnt want to be a fat azz anymore January 2. I discovered MFP the same day and started. I was the typical noob asking all the noob questions, I am sure I sparked a few facepalms along the way. I settled on a method that worked of calories first, exercise second, and macros last. I didnt eliminate any foods or food groups because they make you fat, I just kept eating what I always ate, just less of it.

After a couple of weeks I started walking which led to running which led to weight lifting. In the 5 previous months I lost, 6.2,6.2,6.4,4.4 and 4.0 lbs repectively. And here is confession far in this month, thats almost over.....0.6 lbs. I havent lost an ounce in 3 weeks.

Now, I wanted to claim "its a plateau", I am doing everything right by George!!!! But the truth is, I have gotten lazy. I have been sleep walking through my eating. I had to take a hard look at my and exercise, and I realized I had diary creep. Thats when you start gradually over estimating your exercise and underestimating you calories in. I am still learning how to eat properly and consistantly hit my macros. (not doing super good at it either)

Now a couple of things are undeniable. I am 40 pounds lighter. About 15 inches smaller in total. And I am probably in the best shape I have been in since high school. I re-evaluated today and I have refocused. I am still gonna eat pop-tarts and ice cream, I am just gonna exercise a little more and eat a little less.

TL;DR: Its probably not a plateau, its probably not dirty food, you are probably eating too much. I know I was.


  • Lizzy622
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    Wake up call. It happens to most of us although few have the courage to admit. Thanks for reminding us to stay focused.
  • johnelwell
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    Usually you find the intake of water drops at the same time so you do nibble on bits of food.