So my head is swimming...lose fat, gain muscle rules???

Ok so I am seeing so so much about all different ways to lose fat gain muscle. But I'm seeing so many different things.

I guess it was just one post that just blew my mind as I would see one reply and then the very next reply would completely contradict the previous reply on how to make the change.

So yes I am fat. And I've been losing weight very slowly I'm talking I started 7 weeks ago at 209 pounds. Now I currently weigh 202 pounds. So that is 7 lbs in 7 weeks. I measure every 10 days. I have yet to measure since I got to 202 but last time I measured I found that overall I have lost:

7 pounds down
1 inch from my neck
.25 inch from each arm
.75 inch from my bust
2 inches from the bra line right below the bust
1.75 inches from my waist
2 inches from my hips
1.5 inches from each thigh
.75 inches from each of my calves

Now I am fine with this loss even though I would like to be losing 2 lbs a week and I am only losing 1 lb a week. However I figured I wasn't losing losing as much SCALE weight because I was gaining muscle. However I have been seeing that you can't get muscle on a deficit. I am on a deficit eating around 1400 calories a day. It is set for a 1.5 lb weight loss per week. I do not eat calories back. With that being said I can't imagine that I'm not gaining muscle. So my question is...since I am eating at a deficit does that mean I'm not gaining muscle and it is all in my head?

So if you guys could please help me out and tell me exactly what you do or did to get back in shape. Maybe even tell me what you did that you realized later didn't do a thing for you.

It is midnight where I am so I'm off to bed but will be on tomorrow to bump this back up and/or ask questions.


  • elyelyse
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    Short answer:
    1 pound a week is terrific progress. No you aren't gaining muscle. Typically, only women with a lot more to lose will drop more pounds more quickly. (when I was 250-300 I lost 2+ a week)
  • DopeItUp
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    I will be brief.

    1lb/week is perfect, and is not "slow" by any means. I've lost 1lb in the last month. That's slow. No, you are not gaining any muscle at all. It doesn't work that way, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It's irrelevant, you are doing just fine. Taking measurements is a great way of tracking progress, I measure myself monthly personally. Keep up the great work.
  • johnelwell
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    You are doing very well, the one pound a week is good. It would be interesting to see how your 1.5 pounds per week is calculated and from where as all sites vary with their calculations. Please feel free to add me and our group my fitness - our fitness if you think we can be of some help
    Good luck