wearing gym clothing in public ok?



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    TOPIC: wearing gym clothing in public ok?

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    I only wear them going to and from the gym. But I find sports bras incredibly uncomfortable and un-flattering so I wouldn't want to wear them often anyway.
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    Are all your naughty bits covered?

    If yes, then it's OK. If no, then cover them up.

    I'd hope all of her "Naughty bits' would be covered at the gym, too. What kind of gym clothes are YOU wearing?? :huh:

    I dunno. There is an older lady at my gym who wears shorts that are loose and way to short. She was doing bent over rows and I got an eyeful of 60 year old parts that I did not care to see. She is tan as a piece of leather, wears clothes in a way that all her saggy bits hang out and will intentionally bend over in front of young guys and flash them.. Worst part, last time I saw her she was wearing a 'worlds best grandma' shirt. I swear she goes to the gym looking for sex. It's beyond disturbing.
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    Just rinse the chalk off your hands, and leave the lifting belt in the car.

    Also, don't pick a wedgie with chalk on your hands while wearing black yoga pants.
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    :0 I see people wear gym clothes in public who don't even work out. It's cool, no one's gonna stop you & tell you to change into a different attire.

    I wear my sweatbands allll the time. Even if I don't work out.
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    I do.
    who cares
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    When I was in college full time I lived in workout clothes and pyjama pants. As long as you're comfy it's all that matters. Look around tons of people who never see the inside of a gym or do a minute of workout wear gym clothes all the time.ROCK IT!!! is all I have to say :)
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    of course you can do whatever you want. However when you are ready to graduate, I would suggest making the time to change clothes and look "put together" when in public, because you never know where you are going to meet a future employer.
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    I think ultimately it comes down to the impression you are giving. If you don't care what that is, then do what you want. If you do, then act accordingly.
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    I personally don't since my workout clothes get really, really sweaty. And while they are definitely one-time use before washing, they aren't really anything that I would want to be seen anywhere but the gym or trail in since they are mostly pretty worse for wear. Lots of washing starts to wear 'em out and a lot of the shirts have stains from the sweat/salt/deodorant. I also usually only do the big workout clothes, vinegar and Borax wash once a month or so, so even with regular washing, they sometimes have a bit of a funk to them just from the amount of sweat that goes through them.

    I'm also just more comfortable in my regular clothes, so I prefer them. Even on long road trips when I see a lot of people traveling in PJs or similar, I still prefer just my regular clothes. If I'm working out, I'm in workout clothes. If I'm out of the house for any other reason, I'm in regular clothes, and if I'm relaxing around the house, I'm in lounge pants/shorts and a tee. None of the clothes for any of those purposes really intermingle at all.

    I also spent the money I did on my running shoes to be as amazing as possible for my feet when I'm putting all those training miles on them, so I only wear them while running. I have different shoes I'll wear for non-running workouts just so I'm not wearing out my running shoes unnecessarily. And then my regular, day to day, shoes.

    But those are all my personal preference. If you are totally comfortable wearing whatever, then go for it. But, I suspect that if you were just totally comfortable about it, you wouldn't be asking about it. So I'd say figure out what situations and what clothes you're really comfortable in, and then just stick to that, even if it means bringing some extra clothes with you to change in and out of.
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    You must not be from the United States. Here, nobody bats an eyelash. In other countries, people are expected to dress more formally. I got looks the whole time I was in Russia. But if people were to come here dressed as is customary in Russia, they're liable to be taken for streetwalkers. (that's no excuse to be rude to them, though, just as my jeans and t-shirts and tennies were no excuse to be rude to me!) It all depends on the prevailing culture.
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    I'm a SAHM with a home gym, and I get in several small workouts in all throughout the day ... it doesn't make much sense to change out of my workout clothes when I'm just going to workout again very soon. Picking up the kids carpools or running to the store, I rarely take the time to change ... although sometimes it is nice to make the effort, even if I just change back into my workout wear when I get back.
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    You must not be from the United States. Here, nobody bats an eyelash.

    You know, it's funny. I was at the theater on Saturday night and was just thinking about how casual everything seems to have become. Even when I was a kid (I'm 34), it was just expected to dress up to go to the theater. But sitting there, in my jeans, polo, and zip hoodie, I wasn't underdressed or out of place at all. And this wasn't a community theater, it was professional theater, and the stars of the show I was about to watch were Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and Billy Crudup. But casual was the name of the game for almost every audience member in attendance.

    But when I was a kid, it was basically formal dress for the Nutcracker each Christmas. Or what would be considered Sunday best (not that we had actual Sunday bests in my house since we didn't go to church, but I'm using the term for reference) for other theater experiences. And I wondered when things had started to change so much. But, of course, we also live in a society where a chart called "Are you wearing pants" is something that more people should probably have daily access to. (seriously, there was a woman at my work last Friday wearing nothing but a pair of tights and a flannel shirt.)

    So I guess I'm somehow old school in that I do bat an eyelash when I see people that live in workout clothes or PJ pants. (I have personally known two people that used to wear nothing but flannel or cotton PJ pants no matter where they were going or what they were doing. They have both, thankfully, discovered actual pants in recent years) I'm born and raised American. Fourth generation San Francisco Bay Area, as a matter of fact, so it has nothing to do with being from another country.

    But, I did watch a lot of formalities of dress start to diminish when the dot com businesses were booming. People were getting rich at a younger and younger age, so the casualness of youth seeped into business and then out into places where that same idea of a dress code used to prevail. The idea of a tie-required restaurant these days is basically archaic and one can easily shell out for a $300 gourmet meal while wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

    I'm not knocking that level casualness at all, as someone that happens to love my t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers, and being able to not have to dress up for the theater or for the dinner before it, I'm simply commenting on it and the change that I have seen in even my relatively short years.

    But I am a bit sad about how far the casualness has gone, to the point where people don't actually bat eyelashes at gym clothes as a regular everyday outfit. Or a 30 year old woman wearing PJ pants every single day. Or at nothing but a pair of tights being considered acceptable "pants". But I guess, at 34, I'm already just "old school" in feeling that way. *shrug*
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    training gear is just so comfy but is it ok to wear it in public ect?

    My neighbor thinks it is. I think it makes people look like pogues.