50+ Pounds in a Year!

Ahzuri Posts: 272 Member
I was thinking about it today and realized that this time last year I weighed 300lbs after giving birth and that I weighed in at 245lbs this morning. I also realized yesterday that the pants I bought maybe a month ago are starting to fall off of me and I swear my rings are going to start making a break for it any day now, its such an amazing feeling :) I was really ticked at myself for letting me gain all my weight back when I got pregnant and I am so glad that its gone and I am continuing to drop weight :D I can't wait to see what the scale says on my official weigh in day this Friday :)


  • princesslmc2
    princesslmc2 Posts: 264 Member
    FANTASTIC job!! It is an AMAZING feeling, I'm sure!! This morning, I broke the 220's and weighed in at 219.8. Seeing the teens has given me a new motivation! Keep it up, girl!
  • rtmama
    rtmama Posts: 403 Member
    Congratulations!!!! Enjoy your success!!!
  • butilovetacos
    butilovetacos Posts: 31 Member
    WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!
  • lfondots
    lfondots Posts: 216 Member
    Congratulations to both of you. I can't wait until I hit my short time goal of being under 200.
  • championnfl
    championnfl Posts: 324 Member
    VERY impressive! congradulations!
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