Not exactly starting over but getting more serious!

Hey Everyone :) When i first started MFP about a year and a half ago i lost 30 lbs right off the bat and was doing amazing!! Then I had galbladder sugery and it started going downhill from there...I just got lazy just no working out and only here and there once in a while till it was nothing then i started gaining :( But at least i didnt gain it all back!! I am looking for some more friends on here to help keep me motivated :)


  • Sarasota_Guy
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    Welcome back! I have no doubt you'll get back on track! It's obvious when you work at it, you get results :)

    Feel free to add me!
  • la8ydi
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    I did that exact same thing last year - joined sometime in Feb. (I think) - lost a bit...started slacking...but then in July, after I saw how AWFUL I looked in our vacation pictures, I got serious. Since then, I've lost 32 pounds. :-) Good luck!!!
  • wannaBrunnner81
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    I have been using MFP for a while now, but only recently started using the "community" features. Feel free to add me, i feel like a get a lot of motivation from my friends here and its always nice to help others push through.
  • layla_luvyah
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    I decided to do the same thing. It is easy to fall off and sometimes alot harder to get back on.
    Welcome back.... Good luck we are all here for you!!:flowerforyou:
  • 33Freya
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    happens to the best of us :-) you are welcome to add me
  • handyrunner
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    Good luck with your goals.. Feel free to add
  • jessica182517
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    Thanks you guys!! :) Its nice to have all the support on this site :)
  • RacerX_14
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    You can add me! Good luck, you can do it!!!
  • hojoni8406
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    Feel free to add me! I too did good first time around...gained all back when I weighed myself in July I was back at 250lbs I'm on track and down 46 so far :)
  • I feel like I m starting over as I have gained almost 150lbs being laid up since June from a bad accident I finally had ankle surgery mid November. And have been down with foot elevated for over 2months. I finally got the last cast off and can walk some still no working out. But I must get diet under control and get back to my better weight. One more month and I can work out again. I am getting depressed
  • absinthia70
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    Kind of restarting again too - Feel free to add me!
  • ferniejoy
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    I did the same thing and gained back 23 of the 34 pounds I lost after tearing my iliacus. I am a water aerobics instructor so I really need to set a good, healthy example. So I am back on track now and able to less than half of the exercising I used to do. I will support you in any way I can. Feel free to add me.
  • KariOrtiz2014
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    hey Jessica, feel free to add me. I need some really serious friends!!