Food suggestions please. I'm running out if ideas.

I'm getting sick of chicken breast. I've been eating it with broccoli or spring mix salad a lot and it's getting old. Don't get me wrong, I like chicken but I don't want to eat that everyday. Since I'm diabetic, eating chicken and veggies has definitely helped my blood sugar. I just want other variations that's healthy and lean. Does any one have suggestions for varying up my meals? Thanks!


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    I know how you feel! What about tuna, salmon, shrimp? I make chicken spaghetti a lot with whole wheat pasta.
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    How about fish? Or have you tried Quorn. I am not veggie any more but I still love a Quorn chilli (which I'm having tonight) or get quorn pieces and do a nice quorn curry. You could also do a nice omelette too :smile:
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    Thanks for the recipes and suggestions! :)
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    Tuna with light mayo on a wrap with greek yogurt (Danon Light & Fit is the best tasting)

    Lemon pepper Tilapia with sweet potato fries (homemade or bagged)

    Hard boiled eggs with hot sauce and a wrap

    Scrambled egg whites with stir fry veggies and soy sauce

    My favorite: Hard boiled egg whites + greek yogurt + Oatmeal for lunch

    Homemade turkey meatballs with light marinara and rice or shirataki noodles

    Use a crock pot and cook a few lbs of chicken with 2 bottles of barbecue sauce or Salsa for 7 hours on LOW. Make pulled barbecue sandwiches or eat the breasts whole.

    Lean cuts of steak with a HUGE salad (very filling)
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    I know you said you're sick of chicken, but have you tried it curried? Or curried tofu? So yummy.

    I second vegetarian protein products. My husband isn't a vegetarian and he LOVES my black bean burgers. We eat them crumbled with salsa and greek yoghurt guacamole. It's like a burrito bowl.
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    I've found a lot of great ideas on this site:
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    Maybe look for new ways to make chicken :) If you change it up and make it different enough, it'll be like you're eating something new. Otherwise...salmon, shrimp (I just mixed things up myself with shrimp tossed in BBQ sauce last good I'm having it again tonight!), tilapia, flounder, lean cuts of steak and lean ground beef, eggs.

    I second the recommendation to check out :)
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    I get it! I don't even like chicken breast they just seem so dry. You can still eat the drum & thighs just remove the skin. How about making Farmland fresh pork tenderloin, they sell them at King Soopers. There are different varities, like teriyaki sesame ginger, cracked pepper, barbacue etc. You keep them in the bag remove the labels bake at 450 for 30 min. have some frozen microwave veggies with 11 tater rounds or make a taco bowl salad. Brown your turkey drain, add cut up lettuce, add a can of either pinto bean, or black beans make sure you drain, add reduced fat shredded cheese, grape tomatoe slice in half, black olives sliced in half, slice some jalapenos up then add your salsa, you can also add avacados and I take tortilla chips and crush them up and add them too. If you are making it for your family you can make it in a big bowl and have them serve up in smaller bowls or you can just make a big bowl for yourself. All is good in the world!!!! You can also make turkey/lean ground beef meat loaf with whole wheat crackers egg onions and after you bake for 1 hr just add ketchup for last half hr. YUM have a bake potatoe or you sill can have 1/2 c mashed potatoes with Mrs Butter sprinkled on it Yeh :flowerforyou:
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    Cottage cheese is my other go to protein. I can have cottage cheese and sweet potato for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Salmon is another good choice but a bit pricey.
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    -- Shrimp is very satisfying. I love it in pasta, risotto, and leafy green salad.

    -- Try ground chicken or turkey and make burgers loaded up with veggies & skip the cheese

    -- Ground chicken/turkey is also great for making chili or taco salad (using salsa as salad dressing)

    -- Sunbutter or Soynut butter (we have nut allergies in our house) on whole grain toast

    -- Salmon or tuna

    -- Eggs are so versatile & great for protein. I never skip the yolks though -- lots of good stuff in them.

    -- Maybe do something more with your grilled chicken if you're just eating it plain. Make a sandwich; shred or dice it and use in a big salad; make stir fry (don't let "fry" scare you off -- stir fry can be healthy); make fajitas on Ole Xtreme Wellness tortillas w/ no cheese (don't use seasoning packets -- crazy sodium -- just make your own); cut it into strips and make a wrap

    I think it's also important to learn to season meat well. A bland dinner can make you full, but not necessarily satisfied. Make sure you have the right combination of spices -- even if it's just the right balance of salt and pepper -- to help your food be less boring.

    Good luck!
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    Any kind of fish, shrimp, roast a turkey breast, make a tangine or stew with chicken thighs, lamb stew (lean shoulder meat works), lamb loin, pork loin, pork chops, any number of lean cuts of beef, make a tomato and meat sauce with 95% lean beef plus some veggies (I like zucchini and spinach in mine, in addition to the standard onions, garlic, and tomatoes), large dinner omelet or frittata--really, many, many sources of protein are generally low calorie, there's no reason to have chicken breast all the time.
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    I've found a lot of great ideas on this site:

    Thanks for posting this! Looks like it has lots of healthy easy to make recipes without crazy ingredients - awesome!
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    Girl!! You need some friends!!

    Seriously. Not only for the fellowship and support, but also for the excellent meal ideas you can get from your friends' diaries. (This comes along with a somewhat strong suggestion that you would make your diary open to your friends.) I believe creating a network of friends has significantly increased my success. I encourage you to look at profiles of folks who have replied here and other forum posts you may have browsed and send requests to those people who have succeeded and those who may have lives and goals that are similar to yours. Also good to find a few who are dramatically different, just to keep you from getting bored. I am sending you a friend request that you are welcome to either accept or decline.


    Broiled Salmon, Roasted Asparagus, and Baked Sweet Potato
    Spaghetti and Meatballs
    Cheeseburger Sliders
    Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches
    Asian Chicken Coleslaw
    Curried Chicken Salad
    Teriyaki Chicken and Veggies over Couscous
    Veggie and Mozzarella Omelets
    Red Beans with Sweet Italian Sausage over Rice
    Roasted Vegetables tossed with Pasta, Olive Oil, and Parmesan
    Pork Chops with Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts
    Crockpot Salsa Chicken over Rice