Key kitchen tools/gadgets

GetCrackin78 Posts: 9 Member
I bet each of you have a tool or tools you use daily on your journey to a healthier you. Perhaps if we share what they are and how we use them, we could all benefit!! I sold Pampered Chef products for a couple of years so my list is primarily made up of those items however there sure are likely similar ones on the market.

My game-changers:

Salad & Berry Spinner with lid - washing/drying and storing greens for quick & painless salad assembly
Easy Read Measuring Colander - love this for washing a serving of berries at a time (prevents loss of taste & sogginess)
5" Utility Knife - super sharp and small for easily handling
Nylon Serrated Knife - prevents browning of cut lettuce so it lasts longer when prepared in advance
Egg Slicer - use most often for evenly slicing button mushrooms and strawberries but hard boiled eggs for that quick does of protein.

Cheers! Can't wait to hear yours :)


  • babydaisy81
    babydaisy81 Posts: 224 Member
    I've been waiting to buy an egg slicer!!!!
  • amberrenee813
    amberrenee813 Posts: 395 Member
    apple slicer and food scale
  • Shelley8266
    Shelley8266 Posts: 29 Member
    I brought a smoothy maker.
  • KylaDenay
    KylaDenay Posts: 1,585 Member
    I love my VItamix Blender. Instead of juicing with a juicer, I use my vitamix and add whole fruits and vegetables without having to remove the skin and vital nutrients. It also can make soups, ice cream and sorbet from fresh fruit.

    FOOD SCALE!! I just got a new digital one and oh have I been so wrong in my food inputting the past 5 months. This was the best purchase of my weight loss life lol.
  • AveryWays
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    I need my Magic Bullet. It has helped me with all my morning smoothies from breakfast and then some.