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Heyy! I'm a 25 year old Mom of twins trying to get my s*!# together and start a new happy and healthy life for my babes. Anyone that's in the same boat and needing someone to help them along their way, please feel free to add me and we'll motivate each other and achieve our goals! =)


  • rachpie90
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    Hey! :) I'm looking for friends on here too! I'll add you :)
  • RozzeleS
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    Always happy to have more friends :)
  • Welcome! You can add me, friends is vital to this journey!
  • DevSanchez
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    Can never have enough friends!
  • I'm new as well, I'll add you! :happy:
  • 3293kitkat
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    I just started back up yesterday & ready to rock this with a bunch of new friends. Feel free to add me!
  • KayStar728
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    Hey Ladies!!! Feel free to add me!! We can all use some motivating friends. I'm on MFP everyday and can respond quickly for motivation!! We can do this!!!
  • Taymate
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    "I" need friends to keep me focused. My modified Paleo diet has worked great for over a year but, lately I'm craving cakes, pies, cookies, and ice cream. It has to stop AND I have to get back on track with 3 days a week at Planet Fitness.
  • jackpotclown
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    #BeenHereForYears #DoesNotGetThePointOfHashTags #ProbablyGoingToHellForThis #\m/(>.<)\m/
  • Jacwhite22
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    If you add a picture I will be able to decide if I would add you. #selective
  • DeltaZero
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    #HereToGetA #Nut
  • buckeye213
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    i am back after 2 years off, originally lost 70lbs back on the horse again need to lose the 20 i gained back:noway: . welcome to add me if you like.
  • Cliffslosinit
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    What's your real name?
  • wheird
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  • dinosnopro
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  • Sunny_Sunflower
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    26 year old single mom, I just recently hit my mid-point goal and am moving onto a new goal! I am always looking to make new friends and am open to motivating and holding others accountable! Feel free to add me!
  • snunnelee690
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    Hi I'm new at this too and I could use some friends on my journey to healthiness!!
  • galprincess
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    Im a 29 yr old mum of 3 feel free to add me x
  • Listeninguponyou
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    I've been on a month or so and would love to add more people! Add me; I'm on everyday and I'll help motivate you! :")
  • ezeebeth
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    New here too... started yesterday, pls add :)