Beginners Work Out Routine

Hi everyone,
I’m new to posting here, but have been reading the boards for a while. I’m looking for an exercise routine that is realistic, and will help me lose weight. I’m much better at the eating healthy part than the activity factor – but I realize I need to be doing both.

So for some background: I’m 25 years old, female, and am fluctuating around 300 lbs. My body as a whole is a “problem area” – but I seem to hold weight most in my tummy and upper arms. I’d like something that works my whole body, but would like some extra work for these localized areas. I don’t have access to a gym membership at this point, and own no equipment at home. I have been walking between 2 to 3 miles a day (trying to make this a routine anyways!) – but I would like to find a routine I can do at home for the days that I’m unable to walk or ideally, to try and incorporate both.

I am willing to purchase a DVD and some small equipment, I just need some guidance as to what has worked for others or sounds appropriate for my circumstance. My concern is that so many workout routines are designed for “already in shape” people, whereas I’m obviously a beginner and need something a little easier and can work my way up.

ALSO – wondering if there’s any smaller communities (forums, groups) out there for weight loss that I can join as a way to stay motivated, seek help, and share tips, goals, and achievements.

Thanks for your help!


  • flexdirectcpr
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    Zumba is an awesome DVD set. It is fun and effective.
  • I use this video
    it's my favourite to do when i can't get out to the gym. there are tonnes of videos like this on youtube, some of them require using light weights, because i'm not used to using weights i just use light 1lb weights.

    I'm by no means in shape, and this video has me sweating buckets after 10 mins, but it's very do-able
  • DaveMurphy6
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    Body for Life..There is a group here for it.

    Simple(not easy) total body workout. The program also includes dietary ideas.

    The book is available at

    Let me know if I can answer any questions.

    Good Luck

  • rachelglendening
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    I agree, zumba, u can't help but move to the music, burns plenty of calories, u can do it at home, some good videos on you tube to get u started, good luck:flowerforyou:
  • Frappleberry
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    Dancing, walking would be best as they will get your heart rate up without impact on your joints.
  • LaurenEileen74
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    walk walk walk...easy and free
  • MoJoPoe
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    Zumba, dance videos ARE fun. I can't move like the folks on the videos, but I feel like I do. :-) You can also do them seated.

    Whatever you enjoy will work best for you.

    You may want to google chair exercises / chair yoga / office moves.... You might find things you can do while seated watching the tube.
  • yellowsnowdrop
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    I walk and walk and walk and then walk some more, I've done 24 miles in 3 days !! so if I can do it then so can you. there's a group for folk over 200lbs that I joined for a while but I'm too light for that now :smile: The main thing is just maintaining your motivation and holding sight of your goals do that and you'll get there no problem GOOD LUCK:flowerforyou:
  • kateandkevin
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    I walk as well, but felt as though I just wasn't burning many calories that way. I went to YouTube and searched "Zumba for beginners." It's perfect for me. I'm starting slow. I mean really slow! I've found that thirty minutes of Zumba is a much more effective workout for me than a thirty minute walk. Many days I do both, though.
  • jos05
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    When I started... I focused mainly on my diet. Which is 75% of your entire journey.
    And then I walked... walked longer and faster each time. It is completely possible to do bodyweight exercises and tone up. I would do some research on those if you are not planning on using a gym.

    :) Best of luck!!
  • rsclause
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    I would go along with the walking recommendations. Its free, fun and will get your heart rate up for the duration of the walk. If you have a smartphone get and app that will track your distance and time. Most will log it for you and import the calories burned into MFP. It can be very motivating. When you build up to a lot of miles start to add some intervals of jogging in the middle and build on that. As you lose weight and build strength all of this will become easier over time, just stay with it.
  • anewdesign
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    i use Slim in 6 by Debbie Siebers and beachbody. for me, it definetly works. there are three levels, and just yesterday i completed level three for the first time!

    her workouts are hard enough to get you sweaty and make you feel like you just worked out, but they are low-impact too so youre not destroying your joints or running in circles.

    i recommitted to the program at the end of may, and am currently down almost 10lbs.
    ready to start it up again next week!

    id be happy to start a group up if youre interested?
  • Thank you for asking the question I couldn't find the right words for. I walk and try to stay at a 3.5 mph for as long as I can. Do you have access to a swimming pool? I have found this to be the most beneficial exercise for me.
  • bcattoes
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    Zumba is an awesome DVD set. It is fun and effective.

    This ^^ Zumba is a great place to start because it is as low impact as you make it, but you can easily increase intensity without changing workouts. And, as the user above pointed out, it's very fun.
  • SingRunTing
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    Walking is great. You could even do the C25K app with slow walking and fast walking (instead of running) to help you improve your walking speed. Walking is also cheap and can be done anywhere!
  • lback89
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    I am right about where you are weight-wise. I belong to the Y and try to go several nights a week. My husband bought me a Wii, Wii Fit and Wii Zumba game - So I use those sometimes for fun. We also try to go out on long bike rides some evenings.

    I would search Pinterest for "Beginner Workouts" - there are lots of workouts you can do with no equipment. If you do want to purchase something, invest in some good resistance bands and/or a kettle bell. There are loads of easy to hard resistance and kettle bell workouts available online...

    Good Luck!
  • Thank you to everyone for responding, I really appreciate it! I'm definitely gonna look into the suggestions and see what works best for me! =)
  • I use Nike Training Club. It's a free app that you can download on your phone, and it has different levels for Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. It also has many different workouts to choose from so you can slim down, tone up certain areas, or build strength. It's a great app and I use it daily, and the workouts are really good, and will leave you sweating in the end. Even though I just recently started, I'm starting to see some results and I'm excited and so I think you should try it, and it's free so there's really nothing to lose:happy: Best Wishes to you!
  • 04hoopsgal73
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    I'm sending you a PM about circuit training using your body and a chair. You said you could use tips for things that don't reguire equipment and this is a beginner's workouts for your body weight range.

    I have used free on demand, You tube, and what I'm sending you. The least expensive item you can buy when you can afford to, would be a resistance band or a pair of 3 lb dumb bells.

    You're already walking so you're well on your way, greta work!
  • Megmh86
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    Hey I'm starting out around the same weight. I bought the Leslie Sansome walking DVDs for the weekends when the gym is too crowded, and I love them. I did the one mile to start and and ended up moving on to the 2 mile walk right after. I really enjoyed the video itself and it helped that the people in it had lost significant weight using her videos.