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S.B.F. Challenge. . .July 19



  • wanderinglightwanderinglight Posts: 1,247Member Member Posts: 1,247Member Member
    OOOPS...I meant cp005, thanks for the dissertation!!!!
  • cp005ecp005e Posts: 1,495Member Member Posts: 1,495Member Member
    I'm glad that it helped. We all have these moments - and that's why this community is such a great place for us to support each other. :heart:
    (and I know I need to change my username - it's impossible for anyone but me to remember - I just can't decide what to change it to)
    Actually, scratch that, I'm going to do my 20 minutes right now, wake up a bit, THEN work for an hour and then bed.

    I made it through the day -- and the only thing I OD'd on was grapes.

    Congrats - that's the way to do it! :flowerforyou:
  • lotusfromthemudlotusfromthemud Posts: 5,396Member Member Posts: 5,396Member Member
    Viv... I like your idea of a "treat night". How often do you do that?

    once a week. . .whether I need it or not :tongue:

    Oh, and for the record, it was a thin slice of chocolate cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was a party in my mouth!
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