stuffed jalapenos cream cheese & bacon

dvdlover Posts: 719 Member
okay put the gloves on
10-20 jalapenos
cream cheese softened 2 cubes
1 lb bacon cut into thirds

cut in length wise with spoon remove some of membrane or all depends on your taste for heat smear softened cream cheese in each jalapeno half wrap jalapeno with bacon piece stick toothpick through to hold bake 375 20 mins


  • kathicooks
    kathicooks Posts: 81 Member
    I have a smoker, and if you put them in the smoker for an hour instead of under the broiler, it becomes totally amazing. I love these, will be making a couple dozen for a party on Sunday.
  • RangerRN507
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  • Melonpaul
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    I found this recipe a few weeks ago and I can't wait to try it, I love anything with jalapenos and the bacon doesn't hurt either. Although I was thinking about making some changes like using fat free or low fat cream cheese and turkey bacon. The only thing with this is I really have to show some will power otherwise I'll finish the whole batch.
  • all4rescue
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    we do these on the smoker all the time, we call ours atomic buffalo turds. don't know where the name came from. We mix some paprikia in the cream cheese & add a little smokie sausage. When it is does we put a little rasberry tipoltie sauce on it.
  • krzykt75
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    My husband makes ABT's on the smoker too! Last time he mixed finely cut fried onions and red peppers and a bit of goat cheese in with the cream cheese! They are so good!
  • mcdignan2
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    I like to mix some crushed pineapple in with the cream cheese and I cook them on the grill. I'm making these tomorrow at a concert tailgate.
  • reducingrenee622
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    saving for later!