I need advice!!

Ok so, I started this whole thing 6 months ago and I have so far lost 48lbs. I normally have a 1000 cal deficit a day(500 by food and 500 by exercise) to try to lose 2lbs a week and it was working well up to a few weeks ago where it slowed down and was maybe 1lb a week even with the 1000 deficit. I went to see my nutritionist on Friday and she told me to up my calories to 1700 and keep my exercising the same and don't worry about my net and don't eat back my exercise calories to try to boost my metabolism. So I went home and changed my goals on MFP and I normally put myself at sedentary because when I'm not working out 80 minutes 5 days a week, I'm normally sitting down..but with me putting in 1700 cals it shows my deficit 200 and so I changed it to lightly active which put me at 1680 but 500 cal deficit. I'm just wondering if I should put it back to sedentary because that's more what I probably am and just eat 1700 because she told me to and see what happens. I'm also pretty nervous about eating more but I hear that people do that sometimes. I started at 224 and am now 175 and would like to be 155-160.
Any advice, or am I doing anything wrong???


  • girlviernes
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    I think if you have a good working relationship with your nutritionist you should follow the advice and give it a fair chance to be helpful. Try it for at least 4 weeks and see what happens. Congrats on your success so far :)
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    If you are going with the advice given by the professional and not eating back your exercise calories, then it really shouldn't matter what you set your activity level at. The activity level is only important if you plan to log exercise that goes beyond that level and eat the extra calories.

    The advice you were given sounds reasonable.
  • afortunatedragon
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    Try the 1700 regardless of how much you workout, as your nutritionist said.
    Your body needs a while to adapt, so give it four weeks.

    Bdw. you just not log your water intake or?
  • breakyoface
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    I drink water all day, I just don't log it!