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Things we have learned along the way......



  • whalomgirlwhalomgirl Posts: 35Member Member Posts: 35Member Member
    I have learned that there's a healthy, satisfying substitution for almost any evil foods. And sometimes it's really fun to challenge yourself to finding that substitution.
  • arewethereyetarewethereyet Posts: 18,854Member Member Posts: 18,854Member Member
    SO true! I have started to cook. Now I dont mean hamburgers and tater tots.....actually taking a recipe, making reductions, making stock, finding out that if you cook the garlic and onions 1st they get sweet, then add the veggies to keep them crisp.

    Low sodium chicken broth or veggie broth tastes BETTER than butter when cooked in veggies, potatoes, meats.

    MMMM now I am hungry again and I have 2 calories left for the night. Oops there gone cuz I ate a pickcle.
  • BrandNewLauraBrandNewLaura Posts: 1,650Member Member Posts: 1,650Member Member
    1. Water is important...drink it...lots of it
    2. There are hidden calories, sugars, and sodium in tons of things that you wouldn't expect -- read labels and ask questions at restaurants!
    3. You can eat 6 mini meals a day, be completely satisfied, and lose weight -- so eat every few hours.
    4. Exercise doesn't have to be a chore -- it can be fun!
    5. Non-scale victories are most often a truer reflection of your progress than any number on the scale (I know this to be true but I need to get it through my thick skull and start believing it.)
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