How to enter Focus T25 exercices in MyFitnessPal ?

Hi, I'm starting the program today and I was wondering what is the best way to enter my exercices in the app.

Maybe I could use my NikeFuelBand to check out the calories that I will burn during the training but I was wondering if there is any way better than that. I tough this program would be in the database but no.

Thanks for your help in advance :)


  • leahhugh
    leahhugh Posts: 144 Member
    Use your Band and create your own workout. The only thing close enough would be circuit training. I created my own workout titled 'T25' and input the time and calories burned into it. After the first time, it is almost spot on with my calories when I change the minutes (about 28 to 27 or 29). It is off more on Ab day, but that is because I'm not huffing and puffing as much!
  • PAtinCO
    PAtinCO Posts: 129 Member
    When I log exercise, I always put it in as walking, 3mph, no matter what I actually did. That way it's always an underestimate rather than an overestimate. Even if I eat back all the calories listed for walking, I don't eat back what I actually burned.

    I just found that easier than trying to figure out how many calories I really burned and it also avoids the problem of MFP having a tendency to overestimate most exercise.
  • FrankTheStep
    Thank you so much everybody ! will surely do that !