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Maintainers - how do you keep your head in the game?

LumberJacckLumberJacck Posts: 559Member Member Posts: 559Member Member
I'm just wondering if you do anything that helps keep your focus towards maintenance, and preventing gains. Are there any traditions, things you do, preventative methods etc that you do which help you stay at your current weight. I'd love to know of any.


  • dopeysmellydopeysmelly Posts: 1,411Member Member Posts: 1,411Member Member
    I'm still finding my way in maintenance for real, but I've had a "maintenance mindset" for a few months.

    I'm far more interested in my fitness goals now - joined the Y, already increasing the weights/switching around my workout every couple of weeks, plan my next workout while I'm doing my current one, planning on entering a 5K in July , focusing on building up muscle tone in both legs post-knee surgery, am scouting places for yoga classes.. And those are just the "targets" I have right now. The first time I run 2 miles non-stop I'm getting a running watch. I was always too heavy to run comfortably before, but now I struggle NOT to run (surgeon's orders)!

    In comparison, I use the food diary primarily to plan the next day's meals (it's just so efficient and makes preparing the family meals post-swim practice much easier), and making sure I get the nutrients I need. I also use the recipe builder to adapt recipes I've always done to increase the protein/fiber/healthy fats and reduce the refined starch and sugar, which I'm finding challenging and interesting.

    Honestly, watching the scale and calorie target is the basic metric which means it's possible for me to do the more interesting stuff.
  • dopeysmellydopeysmelly Posts: 1,411Member Member Posts: 1,411Member Member
    summer8it wrote: »
    [*] I enjoy and appreciate my body!

    Oh, yes. Definitely this!! It's not that I didn't love myself before, but now I'm actually amazed at how I look and what my body can do for me.
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  • yoovieyoovie Posts: 17,261Member Member Posts: 17,261Member Member
    i make sure not to give it too much thought.
  • skyqueen6skyqueen6 Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
  • BlueBombersBlueBombers Posts: 4,112Member Member Posts: 4,112Member Member
    I've been maintaining since January. I have kept up the same routine as I had while I was losing (eating more mind you, less cardio and more weights) and logging everything. It's become a part of my everyday life.

    Also, I just have to look at one of my "before pics" when I was at my heaviest. That gives me enough motivation as I never ever want to get to that point again.
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  • I_Will_End_YouI_Will_End_You Posts: 4,407Member Member Posts: 4,407Member Member
    I weigh myself regularly. If it seems to be going up, I cut back a little, if it's the same...I keep doing what I'm doing.
  • teagirlmediumteagirlmedium Posts: 679Member Member Posts: 679Member Member
    I have limited the amount of sweets I am allowed to buy every week. I have also limited the amount of money I can spend at fast food places. So I do not eat as much of the heavier foods I used to.
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