Anyone living in Hoi An, Vietnam?

Hi, I'm in Hoi An on holiday until Monday and I'm reallllly struggling to motivate myself to work out. There is a gym here but I haven't been brave enough to check it out. I'd love a workout buddy for a session if there's a local willing to babysit me for an hour?

Cheers, Gen


  • ThePhoenixIsRising
    ThePhoenixIsRising Posts: 781 Member
    Awes, why not hit the gym and find a local there you can work with?
  • GenF32
    GenF32 Posts: 184 Member
    I know I should, I'm just being a little intimidated for some reason. Travelling alone, eating in restaurants alone, etc, doesn't phase me at all but when it comes to a gym in another country, it's a different story for some reason...

    I've got a lot of travel ahead of me so I really need to get the hell over it :)