Here I go again!

Hi everyone, I joined this site ages ago but never really did anything with it. Now here I am back again, post-Christmas-gluttony guilt in tow hoping to get back into shape in the new year. I don't want to lose much weight (about 5kg) as I currently weigh 55kg, bmi 22 but I would like to get fitter and get my scarily high body fat percentage down (38%!!!!). I also quite optimistically ordered my wedding dress a size too small and am worried it won't go up past my bum. Any ideas for losing inches would be appreciated and support from fellow crisp-addicts!! Look forward to chatting to you all xx


  • Kevalicious99
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    I think you may want to remeasure your body fat .. at a bmi of 22 and 55 kg's that is a highly unlikely number.
  • sineadt84
    sineadt84 Posts: 51 Member
    I thought so too... it was a personal trainer who gave me that figure, it gave me quite a shock! I will look at it again thanks.
  • Talirae9
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    Hi! I'm with ya! When us the wedding? I'm getting married too and it's crunch time now...
  • Hearts_2015
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    Great to have you back :)
  • sineadt84
    sineadt84 Posts: 51 Member
    Thanks Talirae, not until September 2015 but my dress is due to arrive soon and I'd like to be able to get into it :) how about you? Thanks Hearts :)