Turmeric Benefits/side affects

Anyone else take this supplement and notice added benefits or possible side affects ?


  • leggup
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    It tastes good, but I've never heard of it as a health supplement *googles* Hm... wikipedia says it's used in some folk medicine? Pass.

    "According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, "there is little reliable evidence to support the use of turmeric for any health condition because few clinical trials have been conducted."[7]"

    As of December 2013, turmeric is being evaluated for its potential efficacy against several human diseases in clinical trials, including kidney and cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, several types of cancer, and irritable bowel disease.[19] Turmeric is also being investigated for potential treatment of Alzheimer's disease,[20] diabetes,[21] and other clinical disorders.[22][23]

    So... why would you take something that has not been through clinical trials?
  • buckeye213
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    When I check the health food store they claimed it helped for joint and inflammation. I thought I had read somewhere else it helped burn fat but none of the recent article claim this.