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Not syncing with HealthKit

MacanudoXMacanudoX Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
Ive turned on which options i want to sync however its not for some reason. Any ideas?


  • hughebahugheba Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    I'm having the same problem, I've enable all the toggles under MyFitnessPal in the HealthKit -> Sources but still nothing is appearing in HealthKit, I'm on iPhone 6 and iOS 8.0.2.
  • Itisibigj39Itisibigj39 Posts: 200Member Member Posts: 200Member Member
    Ah the joys of technology
  • diwms2diwms2 Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    I have same problem
  • therealklanetherealklane Posts: 2,174Member Member Posts: 2,174Member Member
    Same issue here. Hopefully they'll get it straight soon.
  • jim_fossjim_foss Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    Sales issue... I have 8.0.2 on a 5S with MFP 5.6.6 and nothing is syncing with health kit
  • FidgetyRatFidgetyRat Posts: 3Member Posts: 3Member
    What threw me off initially is that it will not sync anything added to MFP from the past, that includes the current day. Only new entries will show up in Health.

    That is also before the huge number of bugs in the current version, so might as well hold off until another update is released because even if you DO get it into Health, they will just delete or duplicate themselves.
  • JoelleAnn78JoelleAnn78 Posts: 1,502Member Member Posts: 1,502Member Member
    I am ntsure how to lnk them up -- directions?
  • pinkraynedropjackipinkraynedropjacki Posts: 3,103Member Member Posts: 3,103Member Member
    That's what Apple get when they steal it from other people. They have no idea how it was supposed to work. That means people who actually buy their crap have to put up with stuffed up apps that they didnt build in the 1st place.
  • igmillerigmiller Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    This is really easy to fix, it's just not spelled out.

    Be default the healthkit is trying to show active calories. My Fitness Pal only reports in Dietary Calories. You have to go into Healthkit and add the Dietary Calories to the dashboard.

    Tap sources, choose My Fitness Pal. Take note of the items that Allow My Fitness Pal to Write Data. Those are the items that can be shown on dashboard. Enable the items you want by tapping Health Data, then All. Find the item you want on the dash board from the MFP list, enable Show on Dashboard.
  • herbswansherbswans Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    Looks like it only syncs the day you are entering the history shows up.
  • Farhan_80Farhan_80 Posts: 4Member, Premium Member Posts: 4Member, Premium Member
    What about pushing active calories the other way? I.e. From HealthKit to MFP, so you know how much more you can intake as a running total each day?
  • white_belliedwhite_bellied Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    MFP already displays that. At top of screen in the Diary, you can see Goal - Food + Exercise = Remaining; it's displaying the calorie count for you. You need to look in Nutrition/Weekly to see a summary for the week's progress; this is a bar graph. but shows the excess/shortfall achieved in the current week.

    HealthKit needs improving, I can see the weight in HK, but that's all!
  • adamrykalaadamrykala Posts: 19Member Member Posts: 19Member Member
    As a test I used MyPlate for a few days which syncs to HK perfectly so this is a MFP issue not a HK one
  • adamrykalaadamrykala Posts: 19Member Member Posts: 19Member Member
    And I should add that active calories now seem to be syncing back to MFP. I use Human which records active calories in HK and MFP now sees them. The one issue remaining seems to be the occasional duplicate record and the occasional record with no date stamp
  • Farhan_80Farhan_80 Posts: 4Member, Premium Member Posts: 4Member, Premium Member
    If you add active calories manually in healthkit they don't get pushed across to MFP though... It's weird that because if the active calories originate from another app, e.g. Map my run, they are classed as a workout and come across ok to MFP?
  • brycer84brycer84 Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    Go to more, settings, sharing and privacy, HealthKit sharing, and then turn on everything. Then, my fitness pal will show up under sources in HealthKit.
  • SpinSpinSugar69SpinSpinSugar69 Posts: 34Member, Premium Member Posts: 34Member, Premium Member
    It worked for a few days for me and now nothing shows up from MFP at all. I have tried all the toggles. If anyone has any luck with gettin them to sync post it.
  • stevemarmelstevemarmel Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
    "Go to more, settings, sharing and privacy, HealthKit sharing, and then turn on everything. Then, my fitness pal will show up under sources in HealthKit."

    I deleted it, reinstalled it and then was able to do this. But no history.
  • rfsatarrfsatar Posts: 525Member Member Posts: 525Member Member
    I have dietary cals but heaven only knows what MFP is writing as it bears no relation with MFP. So I just... use MFP. Like I always did!
  • Pddavis13Pddavis13 Posts: 9Member Member Posts: 9Member Member
    I'm also having a problem with it synching with HealthKit and Pacer.
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