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Name: Sarah
Age: 32
Height: 5'8
Start Weight: (8th Feb) = 205.5
Goal Weight: (1st Mar) = 200

1st Feb: Was not participating
8th Feb: 205.5
15th Feb:
22nd Feb:
1st March

Weight loss/gain this week:0
Weight loss/gain so far this month:0

Struggles/successes this week: My birthday!!! Eek!! ;)


  • Sandcastles61
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    Happy Birthday! Best wishes on your journey :)
  • meritage4
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    I was 205 early December. I'm 5'6''. I'm now 193 and some fraction. So just over 11 pounds gone.

    Track everything. Eat less and move more. Add some exercise to your life.
    Wishing you well as you do this!
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    Did you perhaps meant to post this in a group or something?