Hi...I have not purchased T-Tapp yet...but have been thinking about it for a long time now. I am just wondering how you all like it. Does it work...I am not really an exercise person so I need something works. Please let me know how you all like it. Thanks...I just found this group tonight.



  • aranchmom
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    I just started this group so we could find each other, then got interuppted and never posted! LOL! But yes, I bought the dvd at the end of Dec, 2011. I do like it. It takes awhile to learn all the correct moves, as it focuses on form vs. speed. But once you learn, it really is a quick workout, and amazingly makes me sweat, even though it seems fairly easy. I have the Basic WOrkout Plus, and it is 15 min. All standing exercises, doesn't take much room. I lost several inches in the first 2 weeks. Maybe not as much as they advertise, but definitely inches. I need to re-measure, though, as its been awhile. If you buy one, maybe wait till Deep Discount Tuesday on the website - you often get better deals then. :) (third tuesday of the month)
  • I bought awhile back & well.......I really like it, however I haven't kept up with it. Been real busy & i'm organizing my home to make life easier on myself. Then I will attack this whole hog. I love it that it is easy to loose weight & gain muscle through her program & believe it is worthwhile. We just need to get the word out to everyone abt., it.
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    I just ordered T-Tapp and should get it in a couple of weeks. I am hoping it will have some positive effects on my weightloss and my getting in better shape. I am not a great exerciser...but thought this program looked interesting and something different to get me motivated. I will see my sister in a couple of weeks we will try it together.

    Will let you know how I like it after I give it a try....maybe in a month or so...I will have some results to share.
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    I hope you like it Debbie - I have been doing T-Tapp for two years in June and that is a record for me. There are lots of different standing and floor WO's and that is what has kept me interested. The folk on the T-Tapp forums are really helpful and I still get lots of aha moments when I read their posts. I truly believe that the 15 mins program mixed up with the Step Away one once a week is enough to keep you fit so you do not need to spend a fortune!

    Good luck!

  • innerjourney63
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    Hi everyone! I am planning to start T-Tapp this week and am glad to see others have had good results doing it. I need something quick and simple to add to my cardio walking and biking. Plus I've heard it helps balance your hormones. Just turning 50, I need that. I am going to start online until I can get the DVD. Cheers!
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    Is anyone still here? I am a relatively new T-Tapper. I was hoping to connect to MFP users that are Tappers as well.
  • LyndseyGarber
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    I am here and also looking for fellow TTappers!
    BELIEVETOPSTOKOPS Posts: 55 Member
    I am trying to get back into T-Tapp...I never did it long enough to know the moves well. Hopefully I can stick with it longer this time. I also just ordered the Senior DVD but have not received it yet. I also started Body Brushing today. Hopefully combined I will see some results. I need to measure myself...hopefully later today I will be able to do that. Hopefully some of you are still here and we can communicate more...I have to admit I am bad at that....but hopefully can change that.