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93 pounds gone plus surgery

cjjones58cjjones58 Posts: 44Member Posts: 44Member
I have now lost 93 pounds. Can't believe it. A week ago I had surgery - check out the before and after pics.


  • cjjones58cjjones58 Posts: 44Member Posts: 44Member
    I have now lost 93 pounds. Can't believe it. A week ago I had surgery - check out the before and after pics.
  • figueres3figueres3 Posts: 104Member Member Posts: 104Member Member
    wow! That's wonderful... you look great! I would love to hear your story!
  • wildkat318wildkat318 Posts: 326Member Member Posts: 326Member Member
    Yes please, I looked at your photos. You had plastic surgery after you lost a massive amount of weight? I've thought about doing that!
  • shkakishkaki Posts: 234Member Posts: 234Member
    oh my goodness what an accomplishment! you look great and most importantly I hope that you FEEL great!! My mother lost about the same amount of weight you did and i've never been more proud of another person!! great job!:bigsmile:
  • cjjones58cjjones58 Posts: 44Member Posts: 44Member
    Thanks. My daughter and I started this adventure in march. We decided to do this together. With the help of everyone on My Fitness Pal and Hungry Girl - we started counting calories and watching what we ate. I would like to say we also exercised but we we didn't do hardly any of that. Surprisingly - with all the recipes and reading labels - the dieting came easy. We sure never starved. I still have more to lose in my legs and I hope exercise will help there. Gotta try that. Losing that much weight was great and looked pretty good with my cloths on - but with clothes off - so much lose skin. From what I read, there wasn't alot I could do about the loose skin on my stomach and arms. I was fortunate to have a friend whose daughter worked for a local plastic surgereon. So I thought what the hell, I would check it out. To make a long story short, bit the bullet and had the surgery last week. I will be paying for this procedure for a few years but it will be worth it. I feel great and doing this will help me with my self esteem and make me more comfortable with my new body. I am ready to get out and date again. So I am going to start living life to the fullest and feeling better about myself. Thanks for asking and thanks to everyone for all their support. Cheryl
  • SoupNaziSoupNazi Posts: 4,229Member Member Posts: 4,229Member Member
    WOW! You're a knockout!

    Great job!:drinker:
  • cjjones58cjjones58 Posts: 44Member Posts: 44Member
    Thanks for all the encouraging words. Listen, if I can do it (took me 50 years) then anybody can do it. Again, thank you guys for everything.
  • jojo52610jojo52610 Posts: 692Member Member Posts: 692Member Member
    Wow you look great!
  • Phoenix_RisingPhoenix_Rising Posts: 11,519Member Member Posts: 11,519Member Member
    :noway: Wowza! You look awesome! Almost 100 lbs gone -- that is GREAT!!! Congrats on the new body, all around!!!
  • MollySue30MollySue30 Posts: 288Member Member Posts: 288Member Member
    Wow I am so ready to get going with this now from seeing with what you have been through I would love to hear your journey and all of the ups and downs that you have been through.
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